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a limey on jihadwatch blog tells it like it is

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jan 19th, 2007

couldn't have put it better myself. a limey comes clean about the lying SOBs that they are.

they lie, cheat, steal, rape, pillage, and *then* write history books (and btw prostitute themselves to other villains to write *their* history books) that make them come out smelling of roses.

the true brit == football hooligan, like in 'A Clockwork Orange': a violent thug. this they hide behind BBC accents.

why is the pound strong? because they still have hung on to the $10 trillion they stole from india. that's a *lot* of money. and they are overtaking new york as the money center of the world, for instance in IPOs especially as the dollar comes under a cloud. M&As etc. are big business in londonistan and a lot of mohammedan windfall-profit money is parked in brit banks.

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thanks to habc


I think that many of you are missing the essential point here. The plot to blow up several planes (probably sixteen) was, apparently, hatched by al-quaida, in some form or another, but was to be executed using British moslems, British airspace, British security, British airports and, by all accounts so far, materielle purchased in Britain. Obviously, my country is perceived by the islamofascists as weak and ineffective. However, this is not the case, since British Intelligence, British police, British financial institutions and British companies thwarted the proposed, alleged attacks.

Has it ever occurred to any of you in the USA that we Brits seldom say exactly what we mean, seldom give anybody a clue as to exactly what we think, seldom tell the whole truth, or indeed any truth at all when a lie might just, possibly, work better, seldom actually stick by any agreement which is not in our favour - in short, we are the past masters (by several hundred years) in the nefarious arts of taqiya and kitman.

Despite all sorts of attempts to impose Sharia Law upon us (or at least some parts of it) we have remained sublimely resistant to such proposals. For the vast majority of us the idea that we should help moslems to integrate (i.e. give into them) is still the most risible thing that we have ever heard. Moslems in British society, at all levels, remain beyond the pale, unintegrated, unaccepted, outcast, reviled, objects of ridicule and disgust. They have singularly failed to cross what we normally refer to as the marriage hurdle - the point at which an immigrant community can say it has been accepted (roughly, when about thirty per cent of marriages in such a community involve one or other of the partners coming from a long established (three-hundred years or more) British family.

Most of you in the USA have absolutely no conception of how little attention is paid by the average Brit to his/her government. The government has very little influence on our day-to-day lives. Most of us lie, cheat, twist our affairs and generally ignore the government. Most of us laugh at the idea that the British government has more than a passing reference to our lives. You probably think that we take elections seriously. Think again! For most of us they are nothing more than a glorified opinion pole and really we couldn't care less who is elected to represent us. Most British people see politics for the stupidity it really is.

Britain is not an easy country to govern. The official, known about by government, economy places us third or fourth in the world rankings of economies. It is generally estimated, however, by Her Majesty's Treasury, that the black (illegal - whatever the hell that might mean) British economy is four to six times larger than the official economy. Certainly, the strength of the British exchange rate (£ to all other currencies) is not supported out by the size of the official economy but is manifestly and obviously supported by the black economy.

Our society, likewise, is not summed up by simplistic newspaper reports, oversimplifications by line services such as Reuters or AP, wishful thinking by American freepers or stupidities vocalised by supercilious American government officials whose world view could be cogently summarised by the words of Sullivan - "It is much easier to make measurements than to know exactly what you are measuring".

It amuses me, and, I presume, most British posters to this site, that you Americans think that you can predict the future of the UK, predict what we will think or do, predict how we will feel and respond. We are a deeply violent people, a deeply duplicitous people, sneaky, without conscience (except where our own self-interests lie), self-centered and wholly pre-occupied by our own comfort and our own self-preservation. If the moslem invaders ever really do truly get on our wick then, believe me, we will deal with them ruthlessly, just as we always have done with every other immigrant group. We are not a pleasant people - read our history. Whatever fictions you Americans might entertain about us dispell yourselves of them. We are not nice and we bite.

For example, you helped us out in '39 through '45. You could have expected some degree of gratitude. Instead what you got was, in 1946, a prominent British politician saying, with the vociferous approval of most British people, "Damn the Americans, the most ill-bred, mongrel apologists for reaction whom I have ever encountered". We're nasty, and when the time comes we will be nasty again. Make no mistake, most Brits just don't like anybody else and that includes you (regretably - and the French, but then, who likes the French) and the moslems, with whom we will deal, in the appropriate fashion, at the appropriate time - and you probably won't like that, either.



KapiDhwaja said...
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KapiDhwaja said...

Thanks for posting this link, Rajeev. Enjoyed reading the mea-culpa by this limey. Wish atleast the Indian leaders display a fraction of the ruthlessness displayed by the Brits, when it comes to protecting Indian National interests.

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mahashivaji said...

There's no reason to be dismayed by this posting by the limey. It's stupid for this limey to actually shed light on how limeys think, but it's useful for us to understand the opponent. And yes, they are the opponent.

This is the reason that england was able to rule over 25% of the world---you have to be like Janus, the two-faced Roman God. You can never show one face to the enemy and expect to get good results. This is how the English are---they will smile at you and then stab you in the back, and then we poor soft Indians feel bad---"I thought the Sahib was my true friend?" sob sob sob.


You can never expect them not to stab us in the back.

habc said...

Hey all the money looted from India got over during WW 2. They just completed returning on January 4, 2007 the loans they had taken from the US during WW 2.

Britain free from WWII payments

80 Reasons Why Britain Should Be Banned From the G8

mahashivaji said...

habc---the 80 reasons link was priceless! ROTF. Great link!