Thursday, January 18, 2007

WSJ damns vista with faint praise

jan 18th, 2007

vista, more of the same, but please send a large check to intel and another to microsoft.

a singularly unenthusiastic review.

and hp and beaten dell for market share two quarters in a row for PC sales in the US

and apple's mac sales grew 28% while total wintel pc sales fell 3%

intel's stock took a big hit on its earnings report based on stiff price competition with AMD, which is also hurting. INTC may be a buy now. and so may DELL. (disclaimer: personal opinion, i am not responsible for your stock market losses if you follow my suggestions)

HP has come back strongly from its boardroom espionage scandal.

and i think AAPL is going to survive its own option backdating scandal. i'd buy AAPL except it's too pricey at close to $100. HP may still be worthwhile.


DarkStorm said...

and apple's mac sales grew 28% while total wintel pc sales fell 3%

This is nothing to be happy about, Rajeev.

Apple is the Microsoft of the hardware world. Dont let the evil of microsoft or intel base your decisions. Apple is much more evil here (I agree they are innovative etc, but they are evil too).

You can just go out, buy different types of spares, innovate, and come up with an intel/amd PC to suit your needs.

Apple? - Well you cannot even add memory to your machine without contacting them.

DarkStorm said...

In a previous comment on the iPod post, I also pointed out how the same Apple PC with almost the same specs (infact hp specs were slightly better) is over $300 costlier than HP.

Earlier Apple PCs were different. What they now offer is just a glamourized and colourful damn good old Wintel PC and a Unix ripoff. They charge for the brand and the glam value.

When we say Apple Macs are selling well, they are selling Wintels !! Note that their sales have risen once they switched to Intel. Does this mean something?
iPod is an innovation, I agree.