Thursday, January 18, 2007

gasp! you mean limeys are racists? no, tell us it ain't true

jan 18, 2007

the nytimes discovers that limeys are unabashed racists. thank you, germaine greer, for stating that plainly and bluntly.

now why this is a surprise to anybody beats me. to quote myself, "the british invented racism, or at least perfected it. it was, to begin with, a tactic used by white british women, who were quite concerned that their men would be attracted to sexy indian women, which in the early days of the british presence in india was indeed the case: most white men ended up with indian women. so they invented racism and the threat of social ostracism to ensure that the "fishing fleet" (young white women who were shipped off to india to try and seduce some young colonial man) would not find its options diminished."

it is basically that the statuesque shilpa shetty shows up these white floozies as pond scum.

but everybody is happy that this has become an international incident. sells more copy and attracts more eyeballs.

also, i am entertained that the nyt chose the same metaphor in its title as i did in my recent column "why some war criminals are more equal than others" :-)

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