Tuesday, January 16, 2007

holi and janmashtami dropped from UPA holiday list

jan 16th, 2007

as part of the ethnic cleansing by arjun singh, manmohan singh and sonia gandhi, hindu holidays are being deleted.

so mohammedans have as many as holidays as hindus.

christists have 2/3rds as many as hindus.

these guys are totally wiping out hinduism. while taking money from hindu temples and giving them to build churches (in samuel reddy's AP) and to go on hajj (all over the place). this is grossly unfair.

i think these people are looking to finish off hinduism before their government falls in the next election.

UPA's holiday politics Holi quashed

The Organiser
Page 32/32
January 14, 2007 issue

The UPA government has removed Holi and Janmasthami
from the list of gazetted government holidays. They
are now only on the list of Restricted Holidays.,
along with 32 other festivals and sacred days.

The government's move is being seen as yet another
please-minorities policy. Holi, Dusshera and Diwali
are among the most important Hindu festivals. Over the
years, Holis has come to represent a social rather
than religious occasion, with non-Hindus also joining
in the celebrations. By taking these two festivals
from the gazetted list, the government has made a
statement. Now both strictly Hindu festivals and
Muslim festivals are even in number.

According to the present list, there are three
holidays for Muslim festivals (id-ul-Juha, Muharram
and Milad-un-nabi), three for Hindus (Diwali, Dussehra
and Ram Navami), three national festivals
(Independence Day, Republic Day and Gandhi Jayanti),
two of the Christians (Good Friday and Christmas),
Buddha Purnima, Guru Nanak Jayanti, and Mahavir

This Year, Holi falls on a Sunday and therefore, the
people may not feel the pinch of losing a holiday.



surya said...


it's not only Holidays..there are loans on priority for the minority communities.


habc said...

anybody know anything about this blog - seems to have lot of info on desi journos

Sexual Harrasment at IBN Party!

A Warning, An Apology = Endgame at IBN

and this one

has the culture in India gone so far down the toilet?
Here is a comment I think "someone" will make
"Why does'nt BJP send some women for casting couch to CNN-IBN or NDTV?"

habc said...

sorry for one more post on the same blog - on this thread Sagarika Ghose shows up and the commenters take her apart.



We need more of this more more more

KapiDhwaja said...
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KapiDhwaja said...

Another post on the "Firman" issued by the Aurangzebs of the UPA in Delhi. If this is not the Jiziya, I don't know what is.

Communal loans

The Pioneer Edit Desk

Banks told to serve Muslims first

Just in case you thought good sense shall prevail and the UPA Government will desist from embarking on the path of fragmenting India along communal identities in pursuit of what the Prime Minister has unabashedly described as its "Muslims first" policy, you must think again. After directing the apportioning of development funds along communal lines - for instance, 15 per cent of poverty alleviation funds must be set apart for minorities, never mind if there are not sufficient impoverished Muslims in a given area to merit this proportionate allocation - and decreeing that the seething underclass must wait on the sidelines while the 'grievances' of the least of all minorities are tended to, the UPA Government has now asked banks to refashion their lending policy. In a missive to the Indian Banks Association, the Union Finance Ministry has expressed its desire that 15 per cent of priority sector lending in all categories must be set aside for minorities. Under present rules, banks have to earmark 40 per cent of their total loan disbursement for farmers and small businesses, apart from housing loans and indirect farm credit less than Rs 10 lakh, which together form the priority sector. If the UPA Government has its way, about which there should be no doubts, then 15 per cent of priority sector loans, or six per cent of all loans, will be disbursed only to those who do not profess Hinduism. In brief, yet another measure is being taken by the Congress-led dispensation to place Hindus at a disadvantage and attach premium to the non-Hindu religious label. This despite the fact that there is as yet no evidence that banks have discriminated against Muslims in priority sector lending, and a separate financial corpus already exists to specifically fund entrepreneurs who belong to minority communities.

The issue is not about ensuring equal access to bank loans, as will be argued by propagandists of the UPA, their fellow-travellers and social do-gooders who survive on scraps of political and official patronage. It is about injecting the communal virus in the banking sector that has remained truly secular and beyond identity politics till now. It is also about a morally decrepit regime arbitrarily deciding how and where the money of depositors', the vast majority of whom are Hindus, will be used. It is of a piece with the pernicious practice of siphoning temple donations by Hindu pilgrims for the upkeep of Muslim religious institutions, including Islamic theological schools. It makes a mockery of basic laws that govern loans and take into account right loan demand, risk appetite and repayment capability. Once this practice is initiated - let there be no doubt that the Prime Minister shall ensure banks fall in line with this absurd and perverse policy - we can be sure of hearing treacly tales of how Muslims are being "harassed" by bank officials insisting they must repay their loans. We can also look forward to the clergy demanding that Muslims should be exempted from paying interest on their loans as this violates Quranic injunctions, and a craven Government giving in to "safeguard minority religious sentiments". The backdrop for separating Indian from Indian, for re-opening the wounds inflicted by Mohammed Ali Jinnah and his Muslim League, and for undoing the national integration that has taken place over the last six decades, is being slyly crafted by a cynical Government. To sleep through this would be suicidal for the nation.

Hindu Fundamentalist said...


The Government asked the committee to visit the locations identified by the district administrations at Medak and Basar in Adilabad for the proposed IIT.

The IIT location also has a secular/communal twist to it, I believe. The original proposal was for Basar. But under UPA, Medak came up as the choice.
Basar is famous for its Saraswati temple, while Medak for its Church.