Monday, January 15, 2007

here's your chance to voice your opinion

jan 15th, 2007

two commenters whose departures i had viewed with relief, have reappeared:

1. daisies, whom i banned for incoherence and pointless aggression

2. iamdemocracy, whose declaration that he'd leave for a year from diwali last was welcomed because of his tiresome whining and his single-point agenda (why doesn't everybody else do what i tell them to do? why isn't everybody doing things for me? why isn't the BJP taking advice from me?)

i am inclined to delete all their posts going forward. if anybody has any objections, this is the time to say so. i will be democratic enough to give you guys your say till the 20th and then decide what to do.

by default, i'm going to permanently delete their posts. right now, i'll temporarily delete their posts.


daisies said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
iamfordemocracy said...

Rajeev, Thanks for this post. Please go ahead and delete ALL my comments including this one. If anyone here knows how to delete ALL comments in one go, please post the method. I tried for some time, but in vain, I do not wish to post any comment if it does not serve any purpose just beyond offending Rajeev and a few posters.

DarkStorm said...

Hi, Rajeev,

I guess you can let them remain. We are not commies or muslims, are we? You still have the liberty to hit the delete button on their comments, if they get inane and foulmouthed (which they often do). By the way, daisies comments used to be inconsistent, but entertaining. Regarding the undemocratic chappie, I dont even read his comments, they do not ever offer anything optimistic or facts or insight or just plain interesting news, they always contain the same stuff repeated over and over again, to the point of boredom.

AGworld said...

I believe iamfordemocracy should stay.

A devil's advocate is necessary, especially in these satanic times.

His last post on naivete against journalistic prostitution made sense.If the pakis and marxists can pay to get jholawalas to write eulogies, so should hindutva-vadis.

We have to be smart -- even as we come down heavily on journalistic prostitution, we should silently nurture our own prostitutes!
-- if you cant beat them, join them!

DarkStorm said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
DarkStorm said...

I tried for some time, but in vain, I do not wish to post any comment if it does not serve any purpose just beyond offending Rajeev and a few posters.


Yep, it does not serve any purpose. I am no fan of any political party, but coming to the same conclusion everytime.... dont you get bored of even yourself. Think.

KapiDhwaja said...

Rajeev, you have given both IamforDemocracy & Daisies enough chances, but to no avail. All of IamforD's posts are negative, with the obligatory irrelevant BJP-bashing. You've got to let them go.

After all, your law of triage is at play here. You cannot win 1/3 of the people to you viewpoint, no matter what. No point wasting time with them. As I understand it, the main use of your blog as well as other Hindu/Patriotic blogs is to convince the 1/3 fence-sitters by presenting them with facts and logic. The remaining 1/3 as you know, will always support your cause.

habc said...

sorry OT on this thread

Thorium better than Uranium

Sage said...
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Harish said...

There is a new blog out there from iamfordemocracy :-)

not that my opinion counts. i guess to banish commentators from commenting on a blog to me does not sound like free, fair journalism and kills the idea of a blog..(sharing of views / content freely)

as long as the comments are not abusive or flaming.. comments i guess shud be welcomed..
so i wud surely vote for both of them 2 be around.. and let Rajeev decide which of their comments actually stay here on a case by case basis ....!!!

abhiha marathe said...

Rajeev .... I think that in the interests of freedom of expression on this blog, it would be good to have these obnoxious folks continue to infest this blog. Plus, if you delete their ids and delete their comments, they can always create new ids and continue to post comments. You could delete on a case-by-case basis as Harish has suggested. Thanks.

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

May be you can do it on a case by case basis. Without a little dissonance, this blog might get monotonous. Just my 2 cents.

KapiDhwaja said...

Rajeev, as another posted had posted, you might want to check this blog that IamforDemocracy has started, especially dedicated to you.:-)

virat0 said...

How is that a criticism of microsoft is so unthinkable, but democracy- the concept, could be thought of as religious.

While there is a lot of appreciation for democracy ( it is not fault of BJP), let him change his blogs name, and create his own independent blog.

I think personal posts ( language in first person) of people who appreciated you could be in the blog, though it is choice of blog administrator to review opinions/criticisms of the blog ( including mine) and decide.

My opinion is that daisy had a lot of posts written well, in a personal tone. BTW where is Kalyani these days ?

These are issues of preference, when preference is a luxury . Sudha Shenoy still wants to be second class british citizen, writting her own slander as long as it is not used by brown people, completely senseless.... Thanks for the following post :

virat0 said...

let him change his blogs name
Or the focus of the blog.