Thursday, January 18, 2007

a dissenting opinion on the shilpa shetty imbroglio

jan 18th, 2007

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Big freaking deal. I am Indian and I don't get Indians. I think I have
to side with the white contestants on this one. Aren't they right in
their statements?

Here are the statements that the white contestants made:

1. Shilpa Shetty wants to be white. TRUE - like ALL of
Bollywood--Indians spend $10 billion PER ANNUM on "Fair and Lovely"
but have no clean water.

2. Shilpa Shetty is a fake. TRUE

3. Indians eat with their hands. TRUE

Big fucking deal. Shilpa Shetty is probably engaged or soon to be
engaged to a white man.

Our idiots in India are up in arms over the barely real Shilpa Shetty,
but India...

1. Is run by a foreign agent of a foreign power.
2. Tolerates wrecking of Temples in Bangladesh and Pakistan.
3. Tolerates the AP chief minister trying his damndest to wreck every
temple in AP.
4. Allows laloo yadav to hold public office.
5. People have no place to shit, no water to drink, barely proper food to eat.
6. Tolerates looting of temples by the christian administration of AP.


bly243001 said...

I agree more or less with Kumar. This incident is exposing inferiority complex of bollywoodwallas and true racist nature of Britishers.
If these damn Bollywood stars consider themselves such worldclass A grade celebrities what the f*** she is doing appearing on show with F class celebrities (one of the contestants is Michael Jacksons brother) that too for just few hundred thousands dollars? Do you think Julia Roberts, Jolie etc. will ever appear on such shows? Not even C or D grade stars such as Drew Barrymore or Lucy Liu will do that!
BTW Indians eat with their hands while British with their feet.

And also so true about Indians' reaction, it doesnot anger them that Holi and Janmashthmi are no longer holidays, but for some floozie (considering that most of them have middle eastern masters)they get all riled up.

slim_shady said...

Off topic, but Rajeev, please consider making a post about this blog I stumbled across. It contains nice moral stories from Indian culture:

Harish said...

I could not agree more with that article.. The entire Shilpa Shetty thing is a stupid gimmick.. Indians crying of racism is totally funny:-) Given a chance every Indian out there would apply every cream in the market to be "fair"..:-)
Shilpa Shetty got paid boat loads of money to get herself into that stupid program and she knew wat she was gettin herself into..She wanted to publicity to pull herself out of her lacklustre film career.. and she pulled off a world wide publicity stunt..(smart move :-).. I think instead of feeling sorry for her.. we can enjoy her squirming ..:-) Bollywood beauties will stoop to any levels for their share of bucks and publicty.. thats totally long as they dont expect our pity..

Can somebody stop this mindless chest thumping of "racism"..
I cant laugh enough seeing this non- event turning into a diplomatic incident.. oh god.. dont we have anything else to worry about in this world..

Btw.. a very nice article in this regard,curpg-1.cms

san said...

Shilpa Shetty sounds like a typical Indian princess who's used to being pampered. And if her blubbering about 'racism' isn't bad enough, it's absolutely ridiculous to see the Indian govt trying to get involved and making this TV episode into an international incident. Grow up, Shilpa! Or else go crying back to daddy!

nizhal yoddha said...

more on this idiotic story:

surely shilpa shetty is laughing all the way to the bank. we have always liked her umm... assets, if you know what i mean ;-)

vaphualization said...

you are from the north-eastern states of the country.

you walk down a congested delhi street. a passerby stares at you for one long moment. then he grins. and you know quite well that it's not in mirth. he continues to stare at you in contempt.

you hail a cab. it's real tough bargaining over the price. the driver stares at you, deceptiveness written clear in his face.

then to the bazaar, shopping complex, movies, everywhere - that same look on their faces.

you know the reason why they keep staring at you. you can perceive them well. and you know quite well that you ain't an alien. you are an indian. and a human being too.

you are riding on a blueline bus. the conductor yells out loud, "hey, chinky, bahadur..."

do you shout back at him: "BIHARIS!" or do you just let it pass, again, as you had been doing over the years?

but you know, you are pained, deep down your heart. your blood begins to boil.

damn, how the hell are you gonna have the strength to overcome these??

in fact, indians are the more aggressive lots than britishers. people from the north-eastern states are being seen as foreigners, or aliens, or nepalis. mainstream indians just don't accept them as their brothers and sisters, living in one country. multi-culturism, multi-ethnicity and unity-in-diversity don't seem to go down well with them.

it's now time to put a complete "full stop" here, first at home. only then, let's talk about europe.

iamfordemocracy said...
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Harish said... totally right.. Indians have no bizness calling others racists when we have rampant & inherent racism in India..

In India, terms like "Unity in Diversity" are mere pithies to be mouthed on Republic and Independence Day.. There is a lack of understanding of the varied and impressive sub cultures, languages of India...Dumb stereotypes and empty rhetoric are the only things that pervade today's India.

Iamfordemoracy... if u r crazzy blog was not enough, please dont bother us here by cutting and pasting those meaningless drivel here..!!!

siva said...

A dumb bimbo was called names by an idiot in a stupid show. Big deal. As expected the Ulta Pulta Alliance wants to make an issue out of it and prove to the entire world that they are an absolute ass.

virat0 said...

Getting into trap of secularists is no good : A news paper influenced by Gandhian ideals headlined this as a 'casteist' aspersion on Shilpa Shetty. Casteist is the translation to english. Gandhi said, don't listen to bad, here Gandhians and a nation is clueless. They search to find a bit of insult when none exist, but they would show their countrymen's head when a terrorist or wizelite fires [ Exceptions to many brave ones] .

apparently one of the casteist remarks was that she is Indian(!!!) , often followed by dogs.[ Though the telegraph link doesn't say this was the case]. WHy would one respect the opinions of barbarians any way ?

Now the other casteist remarks have been Shilpa eats in her hand.(!!!).
I understand this remark is casteist/racist and all that, after reading Rajeev's post, that there people used dry leafs for .....

There is nothing to defend the brits, they ruled India for centuries only to demoralize it. What is wrong with they not eating Shilpa's food, I don't eat the british food either, especially the half baked meat meat meat.. which remids of possible meat store houses with smell of death.

One can have independence to avoid smell of death while eating food, and avoid limey food also.

virat0 said...

Okay, so Shilpa says it is not racism. She just manages herself this way.

The secularists managed to review their pet theme in name of masses. Many more managed to complain how Indians are not brothers-sisters, husband-wifes so on....

habc said...


I think the problem is primarily a North Indian problem - any women walking around in Delhi also have a very hard time.

In West, East and South India you will not find these problems.

The problem in Delhi and parts around it is their fooked up history - they are basically 'islamic hindus' - they need to be rehinduized.

sorry if any north indian is offended

sand_dunes said...

my word this fourth grade B*** shilpa shetty has managed to turn india upside down !!! And whatever happned to thse serious journos rather secular journos like barkha sagarika who are supposed to be intellectual debate about ayyappa swami etc and here they are debating RACSISM with shilpa shetty !!!! then waht happens to serious journos ???