Tuesday, January 30, 2007

corporate raider carl icahn sets his sights on MOT; corus; etc

jan 30th, 2007

immediately MOT shoots up 6%! i guess the market thinks he'll shake up old ed zander and crew.

btw, that reminds me: when i look at major US corporations, very few of them -- even in technology -- have indian-origin people at the top manager level. intel is one of the few that does, with arvind sodhani; motorola has padmashree warrior; of course there's pepsi and indra nooyi.

it seems to me that the much-trumpeted rise of indians in the executive suite is a flash in the pan: didn't rono dutta and menezies and the head of mckinsey all move on? then there was the disaster with CA and kumar. arun sarin is the only indian-origin CEO i can think of at a major global company (other than of course the mittals and ambanis and tatas).

btw, tata has won the corus beauty contest. did they pay too much? is this a pyrrhic victory? interesting though, two BRIC companies bidding over a brit company.


habc said...

I remember reading that at one time the CEO's of the top three European cell phone companies were all Indian educated engineers.

there is also Vyomesh Joshi in HP - who is/was next in line after CEO - running the money making printer division.

There would probably be lots of VP's at Intel and Cisco who got in when the startups they founded got bought.

Yasho said...

For the record, I think CA's Kumar is a Sri Lankan.