Friday, January 19, 2007

more christist limey myth-making

jan 19th, 2007

william jones, the 'father' of whatever, was yet another christist bigot, and the entire edifice of philology (is that like snake oil) and the aryan invasion fairytale built up by him, abbe dubois, max mueller and lesser lights like caldwell (dravidian invasion theory) is simply christism by other means.

i particularly liked william jones' contention that the narasimha and vamana stories -- he hoped would be shown soon -- are the same as the tower of babel story! in fact, indian/hindu civilization was the mother of all civilizations, and all the good bits of semitic civilization (using the term 'civilization' loosely) are stolen from the hindus. the bad bits (of which there are many) are made up by these desert-dwelling barbarians.

following in this tradition, william dalrymple says that "it is possible that 'saint' thomas came to kerala in 52 CE". yes, slick willie, it is also possible that the tooth fairy exists.

note to arjun singh: when are you hiring the brit guy who did 'inside china' to make a documentary to 'prove' that indian civilization was created by the chinese? dalrymple is, alas, too busy 'proving' that it was created by the mohammedans, or if that is too laughable, by 'saint' thomas.

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these are scanned images from william jones's works where he clearly
uses biblical myths to build up his theory that hindus came from
central asia --

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virat0 said...

Jones is quoted to advise encircle and destroy what he called Brahminism. It is a mystery why such people have been given importance to be called father of somethings, instead of prostitutes.