Friday, January 05, 2007

kashmiri emporium == terrorist sleeper cell. here's proof

jan 5th, 2007

all these kashmiri emporia should be closed and the culprits deported back to kashmir. they should have no right to settle in the rest of india, given they dont give any other indians the right to settle in kashmir.

and why should anybody be 'shocked'? the instructions for the sleeper cells are:

1. keep a low profile, appear innocent
2. stockpile weapons
3. provide safe houses for suicide bombers and other killers

so they will go to great lengths to not arouse suspicion. they are trained to lie low and look like normal human beings.

Neighbours, friends of Imran shocked in Hampi
M. Ahiraj

`He was like an ordinary person engaged in business'

a.. His assistant never suspected his boss of having terrorist links
a.. He was prompt in paying rent: landlord

TERROR TRACK: Imran Jalaluddin, the suspected terrorist, arrested in
Bangalore on Friday.

HAMPI: That a man suspected of having terrorist links was living and
working amidst them for the last five years has come as a shock to many
people here.

Imran Jalal, who was arrested by the Bangalore police on Friday, was

running the "Rising Sun Arts and Crafts", a handicrafts shop selling
decorative stones, necklaces, and art pieces on the main bazaar, in
front of Virupaksha Temple.

His presence and activities did not create even an iota of suspicion

among his neighbours, including the landlord.

"He was prompt in paying rent," Shivappa, owner of the shop, said. Aslam
Pasha, a resident of Gadag and Imran's assistant, said: "I have been

working here for nearly three years and never suspected that my boss
could have links with terrorists."

"He was like an ordinary person engaged in business," says Parmesh, who
runs a cyber café on the main street of Hampi.

Hilal Ahmed, a Kashmiri youth who runs another handicrafts shop, said
that Imran's relations with other Kashmiri youths were cordial. "His
behaviour was normal and he mixed with friends," he says.

Imran was among a group of 37 Kashmiri youths living in Hampi and
running a handicrafts shops.

He stayed at Ranipet in Hospet where he had rented the first floor of a
house belonging to Sundar Rajan, father of Sheela, former president of

the Hospet Municipal Council, in Ranipet.

Even in Hospet, the neighbours were not suspicious about Imran until
they saw the flash news on television.

"He used to leave the house by 8.30 a.m. and return at 10
p.m. and kept
to himself. His pregnant wife has gone for her delivery and his parents
used to come and go," says Ms. Sheela.

According to some residents in Ranipet, a few people came to Imran's
house on December 28 at around 10
p.m. and took him away.

When some residents sought to know who they were, they identified
themselves as policemen.

Sources in the Police Department in Bellary told The Hindu that they had
information about Imran being taken away.

P.G. Suddi, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Hospet, said the shop was
searched and no arms or incriminating documents were found.

According to the records maintained by the police, Imran Jalal, is a

resident of Kolipora in Khayanar police station limits in Srinagar.

He was instrumental in forming the Kashmiri-Rajasthani Handicrafts Shop
Owners' Association and was its president for some time.

The association is now defunct.

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Ghost Writer said...

Agree entirely on what Kashmiri Emporium means - disagree on your diagnosis of why people should not be surprised (or at least the press reportage of it).

The goal for these Jhollawallahs is not to show how 'professional' the damn terrorists are - the goal is to start their trial-defense. You would remember similar reportage after the Mumbai Blasts - II last year, which I commented on here