Thursday, January 18, 2007

economist: how china gave AIDS to a lot of peasants

jan 18th, 2007

the indian government would do the same thing. except they would segregate the hindu donors and give them AIDS, while carefully separating out the mohammedans and christists and not giving them AIDS.


habc said...

U.S. tells China concerned by satellite-killer test

KapiDhwaja said...

Another interesting article related to the Chinese anti-satellite test. The Yanks are protesting that the Chinese shot down one of their own satellite (which is not even a US or NATO satellite) with their own home-grown Chinese missile. While it is alright that Bush signed an order in October last year to ensure that the US denies the use of space to any other hostile power.
U.S. criticizes China over missile test

This is where the news of the test was first reported...
Aviation Week

Ghost Writer said...

Folks this one has got to take the cake. Just read what this lady says about her involvement in what is clearly a non-issue.
"I will carry on working as I've always worked. My dignity has been restored. I've suffered for my faith,"

Suffering? Has she ever heard of the Sikh Guru's? I wonder if the BBC will ever care to highlight that real suffering?