Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Christian Indian-American group expresses concern over HP Conversion bill

jan 23rd, 2007
this fiacona is quite an entertaining entity. it consists mostly, so far as i can tell, of kerala christist men who have been imported as husbands by their nurse wives -- this combination accounts for roughly 80% of kerala-origin people in the US.
now these men -- usually with some liberal arts or law degree from a third-rate college in kerala -- show up in the US, find themselves employable only as menial types. which of course offends their amour-propre.
therefore they do one of the following:
a) work in gas stations
b) set up scams -- like the guy in texas who is the 'last surviving artist following the ancient tradition of cut-straw-on-black-cloth painting' and creates a 'museum' of this stuff, whereas in reality there are ten thousand such 'artists' on the streets of kerala selling this stuff for rs. 10
c) set up christist religious scams and get lots of money from dumb yanks
d) write unbelievable twaddle and get it published by some christist press -- like the guy who claims that 'christists and nairs migrated to kerala from madras'
this fiacona is obviously part of item c) above.

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From: Moksha

Christian Indian-American group expresses concern over HP Conversion bill 

An Indian-American Christian outfit in the United States has expressed concern over a bill passed by Himachal Pradesh, alleging that it was aimed at harassing Christian workers in the Congress-ruled state.

In a letter to Congress president Sonia Gandhi, the Federation of Indian American Christian Organisations sought help in stopping the bill passed by Himachal Pradesh in December 2006, saying the law will be used to harass and intimidate minorities.

Protesting the "so-called anti-conversion legislation", the letter, copies of which were sent to President A P J Abdul Kalam and Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil, said, "We cannot understand the basis of these anti-conversion bills/laws.

We wish to point out that past experience shows that these laws will be used to harass and intimidate minorities and unethically prosecute Christian institutions and their workers," Dr Joseph Nidiry, president of the federation, has said in the letter.

"Many legal experts attest that these laws would be hard to implement, but easy to be abused for harassing and intimidating minority institutions. We've already seen several instances of such abuse," he said.

"As you mentioned on several occasions, particularly in your letter to Dr John Dayal of the All India Christian Council on July 27, 2006, the Congress party was opposed to this divisive, hate-filled anti-religion strategy used by some bigoted members of certain political parties," he said.

"Everyone knew about your views on this issue. The development in Himachal therefore comes as a profound shock to us. We express our utmost disappointment and urge you to use your influence to ask the state to rescind the law or withdraw it altogether," he added.

The vice-president of the federation Abraham Mammen has also appealed to Sonia that she, as the president of the Indian National Congress and leader of the coalition partners in the state of Himachal Pradesh, "must undo the grievous damage being done to the sanctity of the Indian Constitution and to the freedom of faith of the Indian people."




bodhi dharma said...

You r absolutely right. These kerala christists are liars with great inferiority complex. so they say they converted from brahmin or nair, wheras they are 100% convertes from ezhavas or other sub-castes of same strata.
I am presently in Thiruvananthapuram and seeing lots of posters of missioary mafia dons (penthecostal conventions by crypto christists with hindu names). Islamic terrorists, as usual protesting and whining about Modi's visit. Locals are aware of missionary dangers and some say ...there could be a communal clash between hindus nd christians soon because of the conversion terrorism.

virat0 said...

The Kerala christists of fiacona shouldn't spread hatredness. They should find themselves better employement than doing business of hatredness.