Sunday, January 28, 2007

ballmer's vision for microsoft

jan 28th, 2007

a lot of people are talking about the end of microsoft's dominance. they may have met their match this time, but i thought that about java also in the past.


san said...

Read this:

Modi is Making Gujarat into a Juggernaut

Now Rajeev we're going to see India become a manufacturing superpower. Now we'll see mass-employment for the unskilled masses. And with that will come the evaporation of the miserable Left, as people taste the fruits of free market economics.

Modi is another Sardar Patel. He's going to ram down the barriers that have kept India backward and in the clutches of the Left.

DarkStorm said...

Hi Rajeev,

People have been talking about end of Microsoft's dominance since late 1990s, when the dot com fever was at its peak.

They were all wrong, and this one might be (he talks about the same internet applications beating Microsoft. In fact, applets were much faster and feature rich than webpages can ever hope to be, given security concerns).

One needs to come up with good strong alternatives to Microsoft to beat them. Mac OS X is a strong contender, but Apple screwed up as usual with their "we want to dominate everything" policy. First of all, its not marketed well, second, there are not much 3rd party software and tools for Mac OS. Third, Mac OS is not free. (If I have to buy, better go for Windows, if I dont want to buy, better go for Linux)

As long as Microsoft has an operating system that rules the desktops, it is not going to go away. Maybe they will lose in the office race, the email client race, etc, but they are here to stay for a long time. People might not buy Vista now, maybe never, but they will still go for Windows XP. All computer makers like Dell, IBM, HP, Toshiba etc have tried to sell Linux desktops, but their sales havent been impressive. Thats the point.

It is not even so much about money, its a lot about coverage, pervasiveness, etc. Windows is everywhere, Word and Excel are everywhere. There arent just enough good alternatives, who are compatible with each other, who can read all data file formats.

DarkStorm said...
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DarkStorm said...

>>> Mac OS is not free. (If I have to buy, better go for Windows, if I dont want to buy, better go for Linux)

Rajeev, of course they are in the business to make money. But then, they should be trying to attain some level of pervasiveness (they need to have good pricing and marketing to do this stuff). They need to attain same level of software support. They need to have same level of feature set.

If they do have, they should be advertizing it a lot more. India is hardly in their focus. They know, that with their kind of pricing, they will fail. But then, this is where they lose. The international market is where Microsoft rules, not just US.

san said...

Linux could be the threat that ultimately takes down MS-Windows. Google and its growing Google Docs / Google Office may take down MS's various apps, by putting AJAX to clever use. Firefox may take down IE.

But let's face it, WIntel is a big juggernaut with a huge install base. There's no across-the-board trusted full-fledged alternative yet.

The competition are scattered amongst various disparate sectors. No one competitor has it all, and it's riskier to rely upon solutions which depend on coordination amongst various separate parties.