Monday, January 15, 2007

jagdish bhagwati: 'Our farmers can face the world' :

jan 15th, 2007

jagdish bhagwati is a far better economist than amartya sen. of course, bhagwati was not clever enough to marry a rothschild, which is why he hasn't gotten the nobel prize.

agriculture is india's trump card and the nehruvians have for 50 years neglected and demeaned it.

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M. Patil said...

Dear Rajiv,

Amatya Sen not only married well, he is also good at kissing up to Anglo-Saxon establishment. In India he is poster child of Marxists and rails against supposed Saffornization, where as in England he campaigns that tax payer funded Christian Schools are perfectly legit, however Muslim and Hindu Schools are not. No wonder he got a Nobel Prize!


virat0 said...

Unfortunately, the nobel for Amrtya worked. There are too many idiots, who think he is a demi prophet.

To defeat him, somebody has to trash his work. There are enough inconsistencies. Like Malavika's post, in his book he actually quotes a definition of rationalism, which is not applicable to mafia that suports creating a ghetto in name of secularism, for rationalism means consistency. The secular definition the mafia projected was of Gandhian version, not the british agenda.

His maths seemed to be just okay to confuse the ordinary, but I am sure good comp sc guys can understand a lot more. He uses a lot of linier algebra for his formulations of humans, I thought undergrad engineers use far more careful methods for analysis of boiler plates, analyzing closely at fault lines. Amartya reserves right of limeys or marxist thugs to dictate the boundaries.

Amartya supported the british pet theory of aryan history, and never criticized the british or maoist history in NDTV. His problem is against hindus, may be because he was not allowed to keep all his wives. Asides hindus were not as good as the brits in english.

The mafia respects him a lot.

BTW I was talking to a computer scintist ( quite senior person in his field in India!), a gentle man, learned one who had read Amartya's idiotic book on identities. The gentle man merely said he was dispointed not to find good analysis in his book. But the issue is that, limey brokers like Sen should learn from such senior scintists than going to NDTV to advertise his book.