Wednesday, January 17, 2007

obama steps into the ring

jan 16th, 2007

since obama barack is basically a mohammedan (his father was a kenyan? mohammedan), and he spent some of his formative years in indonesia with his stepfather, another mohammedan.

thus, i guess if obama wins, this could well be a first -- a mohammedan(ish) president of the US; or if he gets to be hillary clinton's running mate, a mohammedan(ish) vice president. i guess we'll find out how mohammedan he is once he gets to power. the portends are not good: i am hard pressed to point out one good mohammedan head of state anywhere in the world. and at the center of power in the world's hyperpower, this is a worrying prospect.

with keith ellison as the first mohammedan in the US congress, this could well be the thin end of the wedge. america had better watch out or else; amerabia, anyone?

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