Monday, January 15, 2007

swords found in kerala

jan 15th, 2007

according to newspaper reports, a parcel containing 158 swords addressed to one Rahim was intercepted by the police in kanjirappally in central kerala. (of course, this must mean 15800 swords have been delivered without incident as police only catch 1% of criminals).

this must be a consignment meant for the nearest 'kashmiri emporium'.

this is on top of a cache of AK-47s and other weapons addressed to one Koya found in cochin recently.

it looks as though the 'religion of peace' is stockpiling weapons for the moplah rebellion edition 2. the massacre in marad in 2003 was the sneak preview. (ambushing and killing 8 hindu fishermen with swords).

oh joy, we can look forward to a 'direct action day' in kerala any day now. of course, the massacres will carefully avoid christists (mohammedans know there will be consequences) and marxists (their allies). the only dead will be hindus who have nobody to protect them.

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