Friday, January 12, 2007

seminar by mohammedans to claim they are disadvantaged

jan 12th, 2007
this is quite amusing.
"Even five decades after independence, equal opportunity and social justice remain elusive dreams for a large section of the population."
yes, indeed -- that large section of the population is (drum roll)... Hindus!
note that marxist maven knpanikkar (he who writes history with the help of a Dada Engine) is doing the usual red-green bhai-bhai thing.

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From: Forum for Faith and Fraternity <>
Date: Jan 12, 2007 5:09 PM
Subject: seminar

Social Justice and Reservation: A Review of the Findings of the Sachar Commission
14th January, 2007
Commencement: 9 A.M.
Venue: Love Shore Inn Auditorium, Thrissur
Inauguration by: Dr. K.N. Pannikkar
Forum for Faith and Fraternity
Vanchinad Residency, Post Box – 4239
Kaloor, Cochin – 682 017
Tel: 0484 – 6529815. E-mail:
Dear Sir/Madam, 
Even five decades after independence, equal opportunity and social justice remain elusive dreams for a large section of the population. An ideology founded upon social justice, matched by political will, remain the inevitable instruments to drive and sustain democracy. The backwardness of a significant segment of the majority community, and almost the entire Muslim minority, in diverse walks of life must come to an end. Left uncorrected, this could become a challenge and threat not only to our social security, nation building, and democratic system but also to our cultural heritage. Time and again indications of this danger have surfaced in different parts of the nation.
A year ago, the Prime Minister of India set up a seven-member commission, with Justice Rajindar Sachar as the chairman, to examine the nature and extent of the socio-economic and educational deprivation of the Indian Muslim community, and to suggest possible correctives.
Muslims constitute fifteen percent of the Indian population. The Sachar Commission Report, and the studies and reports of other commissions and agencies in the past, confirm the appalling condition of the community in social, economic and educational terms. The development and progress of the nation cannot be carried forward meaningfully, without addressing this issue.   The restoration of equity must be adopted as a national agenda.  Governmental agencies, social scientists and non-governmental agencies must work together to formulate and implement remedial policies. In the national interests, the majority community must extend wholesome support to such initiatives.  
The Forum for Faith and Fraternity, FFF or 3F in popular parlance,   is a Muslim cultural organization based in Ernakulam. During the sitting of the Sachar Commission in Kerala, a representative group including members of the executive committee of the Forum led by Prof. K.M.Bahavuddin submitted a memorandum with extensive statistical and survey documentation on the plight of Indian Muslims in general, and Kerala Muslims in particular.
The study report of the Sachar commission was submitted to the parliament a few weeks ago. Social scientists, political parties, community leaders and the media are already engaged in an exercise to comprehend and assess the findings and observations of the Commission.
The Forum joins the public debate with a one-day Seminar.  The Seminar will take place on Sunday, 14-01-2007 at the Love Shore Inn Auditorium located near the Railway Station, Trichur.    Topic: Social Justice and Reservation: A Review of the Findings of the Sachar Commission.
We request your participation, with your friends, in the Seminar and your involvement in the follow-up discussion.
Adv. A.Y.Khalid                                                          Dr. K.K.Usman
Chairman,                                                                     Secretary,
Organizing Committee, Trichur                          Forum for Faith and Fraternity
Welcome                                  : Adv. A.Y. Khalid
Address by the Chairperson      : K.V.Mohamed Zakeer.
Inauguration                              : Dr. K.N. Panikkar
1. Sri. K.E.N.Kunjahammed     : Social Justice in a Plural Society
2. Dr. K.K.Rahulan                  : The Ideology of Reservation
3. Prof. T.B. Vijayakumar         : The History of Social Backwardness and its Present
4. Dr. K.K. Usman                   : The Findings of the Sachar Commission
5. M.R. Sudesh                        : Reservation and the Creamy Layer
6. Dr. M. Kabir                        : Status of the Muslims in Kerala- the Myth and the
Lunch                           : 1 P.M. to 2 P.M.
Discussion                    : 2 P.M. to 4 P.M.
Moderators                  : Prof. K.M. Bahavuddin, Dr. N.A. Karim
Vote of thanks              : V.A. Mohamed Ashrof

KOCHI 682017
TEL 0484-6529815

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