Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Red alert at airports after hijack threat

jan 10th, 2007
but of course. expect jan 26th in particular to be a bad day.

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From: Shahryar
Red alert at airports after hijack threat
[ 11 Jan, 2007 0116hrs ISTTIMES NEWS NETWORK ]

NEW DELHI: Travellers should brace themselves for queues and stringent checks at all airports. Intelligence agencies last week alerted the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security that some Kashmiri outfits may try to hijack a plane to secure the release of Parliament attack convict Mohammed Afzal.

As a result of this fresh alert, all airports have been put on high alert since Sunday. For passengers, this could mean very strict security checks.

Instead of random checks, almost all handbags being carried inside aircraft would be frisked that would cause long queues at the security hold areas. Similarly baggage x-rays could take more time as every suspicious bag would be opened.

Airlines may also begin secondary ladder point security check for passengers just before they board the aircraft. While at sensitive airports, almost all passengers would have to go through secondary point frisking, in other places also random ladder checking would be done.

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san said...

This is one of the most important articles that can be posted here, so from time to time, I will re-post it again:

To me, this article explains the root of a whole lot of ugly Indian history from the past 3 decades, and it's important that we understand these root events, as described in the article.

Now you can understand why we should fear the Atlanticists (ie. Brzinski, Albright, NYT, Soros, Brussels, etc) and not ignore the threat they pose.

virat0 said...

The post on afzal shows what is going on...But the govt wants votes and money, they can demoralize the people who saved the parliamentarians from slaughter.

Thanks san for the post.

BTW the rediff comment policy is changed... have they removed some hate mongerers or what ?