Tuesday, January 30, 2007

death wish by BJP?

jan 30th, 2007

we saw ashok malik's terrific article on how well modi has managed gujarat economically.

here's a post (thanks, narayan) about how well modi has been received by the public in, of all places, kerala.

Modi's Kerala visit a grand success

Pioneer News Service | Thiruvananthapuram      

Proving the perpetrators of paranoia wrong, Kerala welcomed Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Monday when he reached here to take part in the Hindu Maha Mela organised by the RSS as part of the MS Golwalkar Birth Centenary celebrations.

Modi's visit, which was projected by his political opponents as "intended to create fissures in the social fabric of Kerala", turned out to be one of the most well-attended public programmes the State has ever witnessed. "The credit should go to the State Police and the Home Department for ensuring that the programme takes place as per plans," said an ecstatic organiser half way through the rally.

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then we turn around and see that the BJP has kicked modi out of its central committee (i saw this news item, but don't have a URL).

what is it, death wish?

modi is the one candidate they have who stands tall.

maybe the moles are active at the highest levels still. there was one guy who was an absolute mole in the top echelons of the bjp (obviously i am not going to name names) and he was a pure-bred nehruvian. don't these guys do background checks on people before they take them on board? sheesh!


habc said...

For Vajpayee was an honorable man?

Ghost Writer said...

The reality is that Modi will probably end up steamrolling the rest of the BJP leadership - including it's geriatric club.
The wise in that party should better pay heed to the Yankee saying - if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

KapiDhwaja said...

OT: India is an aspiring superpower on the rise, rivaling China

san said...

Rajeev, on a related note, since you enjoy occasionally expounding on the Prisoner Problem, branch chain analysis and other interesting aspects of behavioural theory, then read this:

Kindness doesn't work

Basically, it's about how random kindness doesn't generate any wider reciprocal benefit. A rising tide may lift all boats, but it doesn't make the water cleaner.
Perhaps even Modi should then take heed and make sure he doles out the generosity mainly to those who'll reciprocate it.

san said...

Here's a link to a video on YouTube, which demonstrates the automated Contour-Crafting technology in action:


It certainly looks amazing, especially when you note the speed. I have no doubt this technology could build moonbases one day. I hope that it would it will see a widespread workout here on Earth, first.

Note the impressive smoothness of the exterior where the successive layers join. This is because of the robotic extruder's built-in trowel.

But I think this technology might be best paired up with complementary technologies like the CoreWall, where you can insert certain complex pre-made components into your design, and then use the contour-crafting to mold other walls around them.


That way, you wouldn't have to worry about putting piping, ventilation, wiring, etc into every single contour-crafted wall. You wouldn't need a separate robot for that, which would only slow things down. First lay down certain complex factory-made core components like CoreWall, and then just mold the other walls to join everything together into a stylish and ergonomic design.

Also, being able to selectively insert in structural members in key places could keep the house strong in a earthquake, rather than living in one big brittle plaster building. (Unless you're planning to use some of the fancier flexible concrete, containing polymers or fibers that improve stiffness, etc).

Anyway, this contour-crafting technology looks like it could build everything from homes to skyscrapers in a short space of time and at very low cost, if implemented in the right way.

What do you think?

indianpatriot said...

I donot make much out of dropping Modi from Parliamentary Board. I believe media is creating hype. I liked particularly comments in this blog.

san said...

Here is yet another different YouTube video on Contour Crafting from the program Daily Planet by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

This one is much more informative and is worth watching.

san said...

Here's their home site:


They have some interesting animations, including stuff describing their business plan. Could be useful for India, with it's massive housing needs.