Saturday, January 06, 2007

my thoughts on war criminals

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From: Rajeev Srinivasan

jan 6th, 2007

there are war criminals and war criminals: some who get caught (like saddam hussein) and some who do not (like richard nixon).

and who defines what a 'war criminal' is? why, the white anglo-saxon world, which has an unfortunate tendency to obscure the crimes of their own.

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habc said...

Indian leadership in a serious crisis: Murthy

Is'nt Narayan Murthy a complete Moron?

He felt if Congress had a majority at the government at the Centre it would have moved economic reforms on a much faster pace.

"When we have opened it (retail sector) to large Indian groups, which means that the mom and pop stores are likely to suffer anyway, why not open it to large multinationals," Murthy told Karan Thapar on Devil's Advocate programme on a news channel.

I personally think we have one such leader with the vision, political capacity and courage to force through the change in Dr Manmohan Singh

habc said...

Those statements above are from the article not my own

Here is another article (true or not who knows - but still interesting)
The Three Hundred And Fifty Billion Dollar Lynch Mob

Ghost Writer said...

The law of unintended consequences perhaps, but this is what the Saddam hanging did in Pakistan
If every public execution of an Islamic leader does this to future Jihadists (Jihad is this young man was headed prior to his sudden bout of depression) - then hang a few more I say.

Wonder if this chap will still be entitled to his 72 - you know? Imagine the chat he has with the sole arbiter in the after-life.

P: No - No 72 V's for you
Depressed Suicidal Jehadi: But Sir - I was depressed. it is a medical condition
P: Is it termed a medical condition in the Koran or Hadis
Depressed Suicidal Jehadi: I am not sure- I don't think so
P: Well there you are then. To the hell-fire with you. NEXT!

Shahryar said...

Isn't this example of ethnic cleansing sufficient to try Musharraf as a war criminal?

Excerpt from Pinning hope on Musharraf?

In 1988, as a Brigadier charged with suppressing a Shia revolt in Pakistan occupied Gilgit-Baltistan, Gen Musharraf used Islamist 'irregulars' from the North West Frontier Province, allegedly under the command of Osama bin Laden, to execute a campaign of pillage, arson, rape and slaughter, in which hundreds of Shia were killed.

Thereafter, Gen Musharraf was intrinsic to the 'demographic re-engineering' of the illegally occupied region, through which large numbers of Pashtun and Punjabi 'outsiders' were forcibly settled there, to alter the existing demographic balance that overwhelmingly favoured the Shias. After decades of this policy, while Shias continue to maintain a slim - though diminishing - majority, the proportions have been altered from 1:4 in their favour, to 3:4.