Monday, January 15, 2007

Pakistani kills sister for working and studying

jan 15th, 2007

horrors! if she were to study, how would he keep her under his thumb?

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Facts about terrorist Islam and Muslims:

Pakistani kills sister for working and studying

Khaleej Times
Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Karachi - A Pakistani fruit vendor shot dead his
sister because she had a job and was studying for a
university degree, a police official in conservative
North West Frontier Province said.

Naheeda Bibi, 22, was shot three times by her brother
on Sunday near her village outside Mansehra city, as
she went to catch a bus to return to Rawalpindi where
she studied and worked.

"The brother, Gul Shahzad, has no remorse and says she
defied him and her father," local police officer
Mohammad Afzal told Reuters by telephone.

"He kept on screaming after he surrendered to the
police that she met the destiny willed for her by
God," he said.

The girl's mother has lodged a report with police
accusing her husband and son of killing Naheeda in
revenge for her getting a higher education and working
in Rawalpindi.

The girl had returned home for the Eid holidays, as
had her brother who works as a fruit vendor in Lahore.

Afzal quoted the grieving mother as saying that the
victim was a pious, God-fearing girl who wanted to
become a teacher.

"She was doing her BA in English and taught at a
language institute and lived in a hostel in the same
city where her father worked," he said late on Monday.

Many Pakistani women are killed each year by relatives
claiming they had violated a family code of honour.
While feudal and tribal customs prevail in many areas
of rural Pakistan, attitudes are ultra-conservative in
isolated places like Mansehra.

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