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Virgin Comics - Hindu Emphasis

jan 2, 2007

interesting. anybody know more about this new 'ramayan(a)'? if you check out the pages, the story is rather different from the ramayana we all know and love.

unlike kumar, i am not optimistic about an image makeover for hindus. it is true, though, that buddhism got a big lift from all those mock-shaolin martial arts films. but once hindus/india grow wealthy, automatically there will be a good image for us. maybe branson is seeing how well hindus are doing in limey-land, and is projecting that to the BRIC future.

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From: Kumar


Not sure what to think. Richard Branson is a trailblazer. The art is
absolutely fantatstic. All done by artists in Bangalore. Much better
than any of the comics I've read. Apparently, Nicholas Cage will be
starring in "The Sadhu", due for release in two years. This might be
some good propaganda for a change. It may actually make Hinduism
"cool" for Westerners. Kind of like Samurai, Steven Seagal, and other
martial artists have made martial arts popular in the US.

The Ramayana art is outstanding.




virat0 said...

Happy new year Rejeev, and others.

We have a famous cartoon seriel on Hanuman, also available on dvd.It is great in the pokeman age, Hanuman fights as well as the pokeyman, it is easy to fool the kids, hey follow hanuman and not pokeman :) Pokeymon, doreymon also migrates smoothly to hanuman. However it has the same idiotic beginning, once upon a time there was this evil....like the power rangers, hanuman goes in a different way to eradicate the evil. Probably the evil-good definite judgement is required in this humanistic age, otherwise what is its utility to dumb humans ? Many illetirate farmers however do better in understanding the Leela of prabhu Sri Rama.

Ravana was not an invading extra terestrial better got rid of. He was a brahmin, well versed in scriptures. He was son of a Rishi, still a Rakhasa. Because of a curse, he was born as a Rakhasa, Substituting a wrong context, partly empties the flow Ramayana for some, for others it makes good understanding. Overall it deterioates the quality in long run.

BTW here is a good story on Jesus:

I have the same issue as one ancient in europe, a lady says the corpse vanished, and then we have all this enterprise ! How did this happen ? An issue humans must ponder. The book that was posted explained this using traditions, which mayn't be a complete explanation.

With understanding of lil bit of catholic church, I think they didn't accept the story of the lady in entirity. The romans mixed up their own culture, and may be one of the most important Roman understanding is there in the catholic church, sans its importance, subdued by fanatic evangalists.
The people who subdue it then wrap venom in package of love and place it where they feel exposed.

DarkStorm said...

Hi Rajeev,

Happy New Year.

From "about us"

Virgin Comics and Virgin Animation is the creative collaboration of writer Deepak Chopra, filmmaker Shekhar Kapur, and maverick Sir Richard Branson.

Based in Bangalore, India, the company currently houses 50 artists and writers in a creative studio and is focused on two areas of development:


am afraid of shekhar kapur, is he a Leftist?

Shahryar said...

I am shocked that the Govt. of India, normally so sensitive to its citizens' sentiments, has not banned the comic "Ramayan 3392AD" which uses characters from epics which remain part of the living culture of Hindus.

Specially as the blurb on the website suggests that the eternal characters of Rama and Ravana are cast into the semitic narrative of God vs. Satan which is totally antithetical to that of Sanatana Dharma. (In fact it reminds one of Tolkien.)

I do not think this should be permitted on the grounds of artistic licence that applied, for example, to 1960s US comic featuring the god Thor (with other Norse gods) in a modern US context. Thor had been a "forgotten" god by then.

virat0 said...

With reference to my earlier comment, I must add that the Hanuman dvd has been a great help for kids. The chant of Hanuman, sounds very good. One could say in the new year, the power of Sri Rama, the chant, could be more than a match for any classifications, when done with reverence to the lord.