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gen. vinod saighal on the 'war on terror' [sic] and india

jan 2, 2007

forwarded by a friend. interesting and thought-provoking:

"It is a sobering - and frightening - thought that the
great country India, potentially a world power, has allowed itself to sink
in a political quagmire whereby a person suspected to have links with forces
inimical to the well being of the country can hypothetically become the home
or defence minister of the country or a chief minister of a state. Going by
present trends, soon it might even be possible for a person with dubious
credentials to become the Prime Minister".

This was many years ago - the then Varanasi Divisional Commissioner told me of
both the State and the Centre allowing armed madrasas to mushroom in the terai,
and of MS Yadav as Def Minister intervening to get released Muslim leaders
arresred in communal riots and, emphatically, of MS Yadav - as the country's Def
Min, remember - being on the ISI payroll (receiving funds through a Nepali MP
who later died).
Why the War on Global Terrorism is NOT Being Won
*Maj. Gen. (rtd.) Vinod Saighal
(Talk delivered at the United Service Institution of India on August 2,

It is a natural law that when a vacuum is created somewhere in the
atmosphere, at once a flow begins from an area of greater pressure. But
while the flow starts from the area of greater pressure, the cause lies in
the vacuum. It is the vacuum that creates the situation. (Bhagavad-Gita by
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Page 220)

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see full article at http://www.vinodsaighal.com/a1.htm

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