Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Noida paedophile/mass murderer/organ harvester was product of Christist schooling

jan 3, 2007

this is delicious: let's damn the padres by association. it's because they probably sodomized him that this guy turned into a monster :-) or more generally, it's because of the hoax that their ideology is.

there was one 'father' i knew who was defrocked for sodomizing little boys at a school in trivandrum. i can still remember that fellow's face: thin, rat-faced creep.

btw, you know what the noida story is about: a builder and his servant are accused of enticing, raping, murdering and selling the body parts of a lot of children and some adults. a doctor nearby is accused of being in on the body-part harvesting.

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What more can you expect from corrupt priests?

The paedophile of Noida was a product of Bishop Cotton's School and St Stephen's College - yes the same one Macaulay Putra's love to sing about.....

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narada said...

Looks like the local cops are active again.....they are bulldozing all evidence