Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Re: mohammedan fundies take it on the chin

jan 3, 2007

one positive note: attempts to enlarge the theater of war in somalia come to naught. (on the other hand, thailand sees bombs exploding in bangkok, suspected culprits -- mohammedan separatists. incidentally the coup leader in thailand a few weeks ago, general sondhi something, is a mohammedan.)

note that the atlanticist economist does not mention some inconvenient and relevant facts.

1. the ethiopians are christists
2. the ethiopians were backed to the hilt by american christists
3. therefore this is a crusade. good. it's always good to have christists and mohammedans fighting with each other.

also note that the dead mohammedans probably included pakistanis. just goes to show, wherever there is mohammedan fundamentalism, the pakistanis are involved.

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abhiha marathe said...

This has ref to prev articles about how to write articles on India.

Today, All Things Considered had an item about Bangladesh by Sillip Reeves. I was expecting a lot of criticism of the country, considering his coverage of India. However, there was no mention of poverty, religious violence, or any other ills of the Bangladeshi society. The impression it created was of a progressive and prosperous country. Here is a link to it

I never hear anything good about India on NPR, unless it is countered by poverty, etc. Veer Singh always refers to BJP as a Hindu Nationalist party. By this logic, GOP should be referred to as Christian Fundamentlist Party.

I have written to NPR ombudsman many times to complain, but never received any response.