Wednesday, January 03, 2007

"Mittal Imposing Asian Despotism on Europe"

jan 3, 2007

the actual workers do not have a problem. it's the parasites such as the media and the union bosses who have a problem. just like in india.

and in any case, so what if mittal is imposing despotism? he is likely to bring investments and save the jobs of these french guys.

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From: Kumar

Interesting twist

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JJ Cale said...

You did not even read the article did you? I quote -

"I am amazed to say it, but Mittal has given us hope," said Edouard Martin, a union chief at the CFDT labour federation in Florange.

He goes on further to say "He hasn't turned it into a hell-hole, the workers haven't lost their social rights, so we don't believe these scare stories,"

Direct your anger wisely instead of pissing it away on stereotypes. Ah! but you are a Yank these days, sprinkling us with occasional Kerala trip tips to keep that credibility thing going...