Wednesday, January 03, 2007

free software ('software for starving students')

jan 3, 2007

of these titles, i only recognize audacity (with which i have made a couple of podcasts).

caveat emptor.


Santhosh said...

This CD has a nice collection.
But there is already one with similar bundle called

DarkStorm said...


The CD has some good software, some of which I would highly recommend. I myself use all these below software.

Please try them out and let me know your reviews.

1. 7-zip - Winzip alternative. No nag screens. Supports almost all types of archives and the lzma compression (its own .7z format - too good, gives 10% higher compression average, 50% more in some cases, but limited since zip is industry wide format.) Very slightly slower than commercial alternatives, UI is limited.

2. ClamWin - A free opensource antivirus. Slow scanner. No online antivirus, just an on-demand scanner. Good virus detection. Still under development. Expected to improve. Can be added over your existing antivirus just for the fun or trial.

3. FileZilla - A free FTP client. Pretty good. Very much like cuteFTP. Good interface and good speed. Easy to use. One of the best sourceforge projects in my opinion.

4. Firefox - you know! But I prefer still prefer IE, I am used to that.

5. OpenOffice - A MS office like package. I have never used it, so wont comment on it.

6. Putty - A telnet client, much better than the Windows inbuilt commandline client. Offers lot of facilities like logging, saving sessions, customizable screen and fonts, secure login, etc.

7. Spybot S&D - Spyware detector. Pretty good. The UI is a bit unintuitive though.

8. VLC - Just try it out... A media player. I dont use it for audio(Nobody beats Winamp for music. Nobody. Not Windows Media Player even though Winamp uses MS DirectX components to play sounds these days. JetAudio used to come close, but havent tried Jet for a long long time). I only play videos with VLC, and its the best IMHO for video. Supports variety of file formats and encodings. Easy keyboard based navigation(ffwd/rev etc). Video display quality is good.

DarkStorm said...


You can add pspad to that. Search for pspad on, it will take you to the project page.

Its a text editor for programmers, but much better than textpad or editplus, and of course, notepad is nowhere close.