Tuesday, January 02, 2007

delayed responses to some comments

jan 1, 2007

san, you said some time ago that if we focused on agriculture, the global warming from cows' flatulence would be a great problem. but that's not a good argument: it has nothing to do with agriculture, and everything to do with people's desire for milk, and especially, meat. if you could change behavior so that everybody either became a vegetarian or ate chemically-synthesized meat instead of that which comes from real animals, that is not an issue.

where you and i differ is in a fundamental perception of agriculture as a provider of jobs. i claim that manufacturing has increasingly offered fewer jobs as robots take over many functions. even in manufacturing, many of the jobs are in services such as design, marketing, etc. which can be, and are, outsourced, often overseas.

agricultural jobs can be quite good. the problem goes back to poor infrastructure and poor investment. if there had been enough, we could add so much value in agricultural products that it would be a source of wealth -- examples are seen in boutique farming (eg. vanilla, cocoa), floriculture, etc already.

ghostwriter, sorry to hear your holiday plans did not work out well, and that your trip to hampi got postponed. there is a lot of random illness -- they call it chikunguniya but i think the doctors dont have a clue and this is related to global warming -- going on in india now: fevers and such. i too fell sick in goa, as i mentioned before. maybe next year you can make it to hampi. it's worth it, get a good camera.

i have been happy with my canon a540, but the thing eats AA batteries. i got some rechargeable batteries as well, but i probably need to upgrade them to high-powered rechargeables.

i have been thinking of getting an hp dv9000z laptop, anybody have good or bad experiences with these? it's AMD, but it's a loaded game machine. i am not a gamer, but i like the idea of a 17" screen and a good video card. it will also run vista, although i'll probably run XP for a year or two. for running regular office productivity apps, is the AMD dual-core reasonable compared to an intel dual-core CPU?


Shahryar said...

Excerpt from Worshipping Hindu gods the cause of Chikunguniya!

10/16/2006 10:42:57 AM HK

Thiruvalla: There is a group of vultures in the society named Pentecost Christians, seeking for an opportunity to tarnish Hinduism in the pretext of service. For them Natural calamities like Tsunami or Earth quake or Epidemics like Chikunguniya or Dengue fever is a golden opportunity to denigrate Hinduism and deceive the gullible people inorder to promote conversion.

When the state is wrapped up with the terrific Chikunguniya epidemic, Pentecoste group celebrates it by exhibiting films denigrating Sabarimala,Guruvayur and Mookambika.As per the Film version this Chikunguniya is spreaded in Kerala due to the worship of Hindus in their Holy temples and the only remedy to it is to take the path of their one and only god!

The pentecoste groups based in Thiruvalla and Kumbanadu is behind this present initiative to denigrate Hinduism in the name of Chikunguniya.The Film was exhibited in places like Kaviyoor,Eraviperur,Thottambhagam during last two days.

KapiDhwaja said...

OT: Good article by recently retired diplomat Rajiv Sikri...
The limits of Indo-US partnership

DarkStorm said...

>> for running regular office productivity apps, is the AMD dual-core reasonable compared to an intel dual-core CPU?



AMD AthlonX2 Dual Core is actually better than Intel Pentium 4 Dual core processor. You can safely go for it. Intel Core2Duo is a better processor than AMD dual core, I must add.

I have seen a Compaq v6102 Dual core AMD Turion laptop in action. Though the inbuilt graphics is not that strong a powerhouse, its still good enough for decent gaming, playing games made about 3 years ago and earlier. And it supports Vista.

But if you are getting a good deal on Intel Core2Duo laptops, you can go for them. They are real good workhorses, and Intel has traditionally been good at working office apps and programming and compilers.

Do take a look at Compaq v6102 AMD series. See if you get a good deal there. Now, I am talking about India, you will surely find better laptop models there in US. Go for a high-end model in the v6102 series, or even better than that.

Shahryar said...

Rajeev, I wish you would stop publicizing San's nonsensical idea of "the global warming from cows' flatulence would be a great problem."

It is similar to President Reagan claiming in 1981 that "Trees cause more pollution than automobiles do." (Rotting dead trees do cause pollution ... however the smog in cities worldwide is due to automobiles and hence under human control.)

All the oceans are full of rotting vegetable matter which release methane. Ditto for marshlands. Ditto for thawing permafrost. Ditto for landfills.

Methane does not accumulate in the atmosphere but is converted into carbon dioxide fairly rapidly.

It has now been discovered that new growth of plants also emit methane. (Several satellites have spotted large plumes of methane hovering over tropical forests.)

So the question now is are new forests reducing the greenhouse effect by acting as carbon sinks for carbon dioxide or increasing the greenhouse effect by emitting methane?

Does anyone know how much carbon is locked into seashells and deposited on the ocean floors so removing it from the atmosphere?

One could argue that all agriculture is carbon-neutral except for the input of energy derived from fossil fuels which does release carbon into the atmosphere. So one needs to create agricultural systems which depend on biofuels only.

The simple truth is we do not know much about how the atmosphere works. There are too many narrow-specialists without breadth of understanding spouting nonsense!

KapiDhwaja said...

Well Shahryar, I had asked San a question about what to do with Humans who emit methane too. Do away with them, San?