Monday, October 02, 2006

more censorship imposed by the 'religion of peace'

oct 2th, 2006

while indians dust off their gandhi caps and haul the old man around like a shibboleth for one day of the year.


Ghost Writer said...

While Indians dust off the Gandhi caps
Rajeev - it would not be so bad if only the blind pacifism of Gandhi was being recalled. What is happening in India is a much more revolting spectacle. Witness the underworld boot-licker, gun-hugging Dutt bowing down to Gandhi's image on the front page of the Spindian Express , or read this bastard tell us about the ideals of Gandhian thought . This interview is not from Rajmohan Gandhi or some distant relatives of Mahadev Desai (wonder if the English Ass Kissing presswallahs know who that man was) - No Sir - this interview from a suspect in the Mumbai Bomb Blasts - Part I. And all of this being built up for what? for the portrayl of Sanju-Baba as an addle-headed, Walt Disney Oaf - who just happened to let other suspects trick him into hiding assault rifles at his home.
All this when everyone knows how the under-world, drug money, prostitution, extortion and other rackets fund Bollywood movies.
So - alas it is not just dusting off Gandhi caps - it is the appropriation of Bapu by people who are not worthy to even mention his name. What can you say - it can happen only in India

Shahryar said...

It can happen in India because the majority of the population is functionally illiterate!

They are swayed easily by well crafed images!

Perhaps India needs newsmagazines published in "graphic novel" format.