Wednesday, October 11, 2006

dont celebrate diwali but donate for conversion militia!!!

oct 11th, 2006

but of course. the death cult has to propagate itself, no? preferably with the money of its victims.

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From: Rama


virat0 said...

Happy diwali to all the school children and their famillies.

Cacoethes said...

This is criminal extortion. An FIR should be filed against the school management, and the criminals should be arrested immediately.

Passing Observer said...

I like the name of the school principal, Fatima Pereira, sort of symbolic of the twin threat posed by both these extremist peoples.

Ghost Writer said...

A good piece by Sarah Chayes on the problem in Kandahar - and it's roots in the 'Land of the Pure'. Also fully agree on the corruption and war-lord bit. However, the problem with that is one of disarming your defense (war-lords) in the face of a determined and well supplied enemy. Hobson's Choice.

For all their bluster and brovado - talk in Western capitals for Afghanistan has already come around to 'how doable is it?' which is a short step away from 'I am outta here'; which would be tragic.

It needs to be emphasised that the areas of Afghanistan for a long time has been one of warring tribes and constant battle. However, the genesis of 'export-grade' (in these days of the cloudy explosions) terrorism is a relatively new - and can be asscribed to only one place.
Dismembering Pakistan is the need of the hour - do that and the war-lords will learn to live together. Corruption will never vanish - but this feeling of being besieged by two forces will.