Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Cambridge closes door on Sanskrit, Hindi

oct 18th, 2006

i am not sure this is such a bad thing. after all, look at the havoc witzel is creating at harvard. but on the other hand, the study of sanskrit has been undermined to such an extent in india that practically nobody knows it now.

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From: Nagaraj

Hello Rajeev,

I came across this link on the TOI page pointing to the story that " Cambridge closes door on Sanskrit, Hindi".

Thought you may want to post this on your blog.

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virat0 said...

This means that, they have nailed it for all purposes, they have manufactured all the slander, they have propagated all the that. now witzels can rule. The otherside of it is that, the secularists lost british funding for their propaganda, untill they reopen if more propaganda is required. It is good for the time being.

virat0 said...

I was reviewing a computational linguistics book from reputed international publication. Sanskrit is not in the index of that book, even though it is so usuful for computation. The purpose of these brits has been to decimate the language, these scoundrels at oxford didn't read to appreciate it. They had missionaries, who wanted to translate bible into sanskrit. Thats why they read it in colonial days, as part of geopolitics.

iamfordemocracy said...

What a great opportunity, I would like to think. Just consider this...Crores of Rupees are collected by Siddhivinayak temple in Mumbai. Crores by Thirupathi. There must be other temples and swamis collecting a lot of pledged money.. Can they not have two chairs and can they not make sure there are 5-10 students every year for the course? And yes, give 70% reservations here to OBCs and SC/STs. Education fully paid in Cambridge...Only it has to be Sanskrit and ancient Hindu tradition for four years!!

Will BJP do something about this?

someone said...

But Johnson insisted that "South Asian Studies are thriving at the University of Cambridge and an agreed plan for their expansion is underway.

This fits with the trend. By removing Sanskrit, we will have less people sympathetic to India and Indian culture, while the India-hating "South Asianists" continue to grow. And once western scholarship on Sanskrit stops/reduces, the old scholarship and translations will become canonized, and the old prejudices will be laid in concrete.

Rajeev, this isn't good. This is just part of the negative trend. They're not even trying to hide their biases anymore. Who cares, right?