Sunday, October 29, 2006

italians enjoy the attentions of members of the 'religion of love' and members of the 'religion of peace'

29th oct 2006

an italian town overrun by pakistani and other mohammedans, a christist from sri lanka, and other assorted local villains involved in prostitution, gang warfare and other such fun stuff. no wonder italians love to live in india safe from all these nuisances; enriching themselves is the icing on the cake.

in that context, the word 'toady' springs to mind.

natwar singh, formerly chief of the toady brigade, has finally discovered a vertebra or two. alas, a bit too late in the day, a cynic might say.

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Death in Brescia

It's an ancient Italian city known for its conservatism. But in 17 days in August, seven people were callously murdered. Ed Vulliamy reports from an area riven by racism and organised crime

Sunday October 29, 2006
The Observer

'See you soon,' chirped Hina Saleem to her boyfriend Beppe Tampini, after receiving a phone call from her father. 'I won't be late.' She also informed her boss, Grumail Multani, at the Pizzeria Antica India where she worked in the northern Italian city of Brescia: 'Some relatives have arrived from France - with presents! I must greet them, but I won't be late for work.' During the hours that followed, both Beppe and Multani tried to call the 21-year-old on her mobile - without success. The call home had been a trap: Hina's father, aided by three male relatives, had cut his own daughter's throat, after a family council condemned her to death for her liaison with Tampini, a local carpenter.



Cacoethes said...
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Cacoethes said...

Off Topic: Anti-Hindu film by SOUTH ASIAN FILM MAKERS AT THE DOCULENS ASIA FILM FORUM November 3, 2006 7:30 p.m.
The Men in the Tree by Lalit Vachani
98 min, 2002, Hindi/English/Marathi/Sanskrit w/ English subtitles
155 Nicholson Hall, University of Minnesota Post-screening Q&A with filmmaker Lalit Vachani, moderated by Simona Sawhney
This documentary is a follow-up to Vachini’s 1993 film, The Boy in the Branch. In early 1993, Lalit Vachani and the Wide Eye Film team completed a documentary film, The Boy in the Branch, for Channel 4 Television, U.K. Set at the headquarters of the RSS in Vachani's 1993 film, The Boy in the Branch, explored the indoctrination of four young Hindu boys in a branch of the RSS, one of the foremost Hindu nationalist organizations in India. On December 6, 1992 (as the film was nearing completion) members of the RSS and its affiliates destroyed the Babri mosque at Ayodhya. Where were the four boys when the mosque was razed to the ground? What did they think about the deaths of at least 1500 people (mostly Muslim) in the riots that followed the demolition? What happened to them between 1992 and 2000, as the RSS and Hindu nationalism had moved from the margins to the center of Indian politics? Vachani's new film, The Men in the Tree, returns to the subjects of his previous film, eight years later, to document the setbacks and chilling triumphs of Hindu nationalism. The film raises crucial questions about Hindu fundamentalism, “long-distance nationalism,” and international funding sources for the Hindu Right, and the complex intersections of religion, culture, and ideology.

I hope this gets the attention of Mr Ram Narayanan and Dr Mihir Meghani, M.D. (President, Hindu American Foundation).

Ghost Writer said...

Sunil Mittal on the attempt at farm-produce export
I am glad someone is giving it a shot. At the stage India is in with respect to a weak infrastructure, specially weak cold chain infrastructure, maybe these guys would be beter of shipping ready-to-eat packaged meals. It's not the same thing, but with the love for 'curry' world wide (specially the Limey's - they are just crazy about curry); there could be a market. Maybe they can partner with a brand like Kraft foods (any known Limey food majors?). That way they gain quick access to a loyal brand.

Also if it has to be raw - should they try to make it fruits as opposed to vegetables? Some fruits have a longer shelf life and they can cash in on the whole calorie-counting eating fad in the west.

bly243001 said...

Looks like "religion of peace and tolerence" and 'religin of love and non viollence" are heading for a friendly match in God's own land.
I wonder what super seculars will do? Who would they listen to- Pope or Allah?

Jihadis in Kerala

Also, Yankees are going trigger happy in Mush Country..I wonder how many millions will be paid for this-

Predator killed 80 in madarasa

Ghost Writer said...

It is interesting to note that locals say that this was a missile attack and the Pakistani gunships arrived only later. Note reporters are prohibited from travelling to the area!

There is a pattern here. The last Pakistani journalist to expose something like this ended up being murdered by the state, as documented in Martin Smith's momentous TV program that aired on PBS . So a pattern emerges - and the pattern in clear. Pakistan would rather 'cut deals' with these people which causes NATO to take matters in it's own hands. Could this be the begining of the unravelling of the General? Also, what lesson does it hold for India? Should we be striking terrorist training camps using drones/missiles? All while issuing vehement denials. In fact we should send missile that are Pakistani marked.

Cacoethes said...

Ghost Writer wrote: Predator killed 80 in madarasa . . . It is interesting to note that locals say that this was a missile attack and the Pakistani gunships arrived only later. Note reporters are prohibited from travelling to the area!. . .”

Another interesting side-light is that: ". . . Another al-Zawahri lieutenant, Faqir Mohammed, apparently left the madrassa 30 minutes before the strike, according to the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity as he was not authorized to speak to the media. Hours later, Mohammed addressed 10,000 mourners at a funeral for some of the victims." (Militants Blame U.S. for Pakistan Strike, ABC news, Monday, 30 October, 2006) — suggesting that the Pakis informed Mohammed beforehand about the attack. This has been the standard practice in Pak.

indianpatriot said...

NATO and their master Yankees will allow missiles by them to kill terrorists but if India dare to take action there will a hell of cry starting at Pentagon and their British puppets like nuclear war in south asia. It would be fun to divert LTTE to kill few NATO troupes and blame it on Taleban and similarly kill Taleban and blame it on NATO. Anybody for this Chanakyan strategy.