Monday, October 23, 2006

"karma capitalism" : Business week article

oct 23rd, 2006

yikes! the mcdonaldization of the gita. there will soon be the 'christist gita' as well. the blighters will reinterpret  it such that krishna = christ. they will say that it is all taken from the bible, when in reality the bible dates to about 150 CE, and the gita can be dated to several centuries before that.

actually there is a lot of very sensible thoughts in the arthasastra which would be highly applicable to business strategy. as i have said here before, it's much more sensible than the silly sun tzu, which is roughly like chinese fortune cookies. Stuff like 'woman who put husband in doghouse find him in cathouse'. sun tzu loves mouthing inaninities like 'use the opponent's strength against him by being calm and centered in battle.' 'the wise general diverts the opponent's attention through minor skirmishes away from the core thrust.'

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Subject: "karma capitalism" : Business week article

Times have changed since Gordon Gekko quoted Sun Tzu in the 1987 movie Wall Street. Has the Bhagavad Gita replaced The Art of War as the hip new ancient Eastern management text?
thoughts ?


Ghost Writer said...

Every once in a while, just when my own cynicism with the state seems overwhelming - India throws up a gem and the heart says - will this land ever cease to surprise? I am just ashamed not have learnt Sanskrit myself

drisyadrisya said...

Which area are you from ? Check if you have a Samskrita-Bharati group nearby