Saturday, October 14, 2006

mohammed yunus gets nobel peace prize

oct 13th, 2006

i have been rather impressed by the grameen bank.

the economist, however, demurs, and says that there is no reason why this deserves a 'peace' prize. which is true. as bangladeshis are growing more prosperous, they are getting more mohammedanized or radicalized, which means they are *less* peaceful.

but it is interesting that a follower of the 'religion of peace' is getting the 'peace' prize. :-)

although it may be remember that class A war criminal henry kissinger got the nobel peace prize, too.


Shahryar said...

I guess no-one has remarked that the Grameen Bank operates totally against Islamic Banking principles!

Cacoethes said...

Once you qualify something with the adjective Islamic, it becomes entirely different, usually evil: Like “Islamic Charity”

kp said...

just take a look at what the british blooper company is saying about hindus.


san said...

We all know that Nobel committee are very political -- and very Atlanticist. When India did the Pokhran2 test, that's when Amartya Sen got the Nobel. Had NKorea tested sooner, then perhaps some SKorean might have gotten the prize. However, in the meantime, any convenient Muslim will do.

Ghost Writer said...

Swapan Dasgupta on India's penchant for foreign certification of everything it wants to do
On the money as usual, specially with the internationally marginal Scandinavians. Does anyone really care about what the Fins think? The thing to really do is to take develop all nuke-related technology ourselves and tell the world to go stuff it!

AGworld said...


Gujarat HC makes a very specific observation against the fraudulent laloo-banerjee panel

1. That the panel's findings contradict what the railways themselves said (i.e. outside-in arson vs. "spontaneous combustion")

2. Makes the additional observation that this "combustion panel" was formed *2 years after* the incident.
So the Court is basically saying the panel is lying!

What a travesty! Speaking against muslims.. quick call begum sahibas teesta and roy!!

Rlys' stance on carnage differs: HCAdd to Clippings
[ 15 Oct, 2006 0044hrs ISTTIMES NEWS NETWORK ]
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AHMEDABAD: The Gujarat High Court, while setting aside the notification forming the UC Banerjee committee to inquire into the February 27, 2002 Godhra carnage, has observed that there are contradictions in the stance taken by two separate railways' bodies on the carnage.

While the railway claims tribunal has said that the S-6 coach of the Sabarmati Express was set ablaze by a mob, the UC Banerjee Committee has called it an accident. The court observed that the tribunal, while settling the claims of S-6 victims, had stated that the coach was set ablaze from the outside by a mob of people. Neelkanth Bhatia, a survivor of S-6,who had challenged the formation of the Banerjee committee, was also among those, whose claims were settled by the tribunal. The court added that the committee's accident theory was different.

It took note that the High Court, in several other orders in cases related to the Godhra carnage, has prima facie accepted that a large amount of inflammable material was used to set the coach on fire. Accepting the argument of accidental fire would be against fair trial and justice, the court added. Among its many other observations, the court called the formation of the Banerjee committee, a "colourful exercise".

It observed that the committee was formed on March 28, 2005 — two years after the incident. The court also objected to the committee's report being made public,when the railway accidents rule states that it has to remain confidential.

habc said...


Canada troops battle 10-foot Afghan marijuana plants

sand_dunes said...

on the afzal case Sree Sree Rajdeep sardesai on his channel did the most pathetic thing ...he is interrogating yes the tone and tenor of his tone was exactly interrogation, the relatives of the slain policeman and policewoman why they should not pardon afzal !!!! after all what a message we will send pakistan then !! after all those relatives unlike m/s rahul bose(whose xpert on all things from tensile stress of dams to law ) ,begum teesta setvald begum shabana azmi kuldeep nayar mahesh bhatt and barkah and parnoy ,for those relatives india and only india matters thats why they asked their relatives to join the services and give up lives how stupid thing they did !!! you should sit in plush JNU offices and talk not get killed defending parliament noo??

sand_dunes said...

and when pakistan or china invade india barkha and rajdeep will go and ask "APKO YEHA INDIA PAR HAMLA KARKE KAISA LAGE RAGHE " and exculsive interview with the Gen of invading army !!!only on Cnn/ibn and ndtv !! coz no mother will send her son to join armed forces if "HUMAN RIGHTS OF TERRORIST BECOMES MORE IMPORTANT THAN A JAWAN WHO LAYS DOWN HIS LIFE " and family of jawan is subjected to much humilation in public for simple crime i.e their relative died defending the cause of nation so now rajdeep and barkha will subject them to public humilation

habc said...

Government stunned by Army chief's Iraq blast

Sir Richard warned that the consequences will be felt at home, where failure to support Christian values is allowing a predatory Islamist vision to take hold.

He said: "When I see the Islamist threat in this country I hope it doesn’t make undue progress because there is a moral and spiritual vacuum in this country."

"Our society has always been embedded in Christian values; once you have pulled the anchor up there is a danger that our society moves with the prevailing wind."

"We need to face up to the Islamist threat, to those who act in the name of Islam and in a perverted way try to impose Islam by force on societies that do not wish it."

"It is said that we live in a post Christian society. I think that is a great shame. The broader Judaic-Christian tradition has underpinned British society. It underpins the British army."

His comments come after an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail, where Sir Richard warned that the continuing presence of British troops "exacerbates the security problems" in Iraq and added that a "moral and spiritual vacuum" has opened up in British society, which is allowing Muslim extremists to undermine "our accepted way of life."

The Chief of the General Staff believes that Christian values are under threat in Britain and that continuing to fight in Iraq will only make the situation worse.

siva said...

Off topic. Did any body read this news item? It is hilarious. All the white Christists disguised as “reporters” should have been disappointed.

Conversion damp squib
Mumbai, Oct. 14: The mass conversion rally in Nagpur, where a million Dalits were to change their religion today, turned out to be a damp squib with only 600 of them in attendance.

The VIPs, too, decided to give the event a miss. The only people who had turned up in strength were reporters from across the world.

Titled World Freedom of Conscience and Freedom of Religion Day, the rally was planned to coincide with the 50th anniversary of B.R. Ambedkar’s conversion to Buddhism.

V.P. Singh and Mayavati were on the guest list, but there was no sign of the two, although Mayavati was in the city to address a BSP meeting.

iamfordemocracy said...

About Afzal's pardon, I don't know whether somebody has thought about this before....but here is my suggestion... Ask for the pardon of Zaheera first.

After that, how about a punishment to Judge banerjee?

After that, a pardon to all the fishermen who have been caught by Pakistan Navy and Bangla Desh force.......

After that...

If they wish to keep this issue alive. My point is, do not fall into the trap of this issue in an isolated fashion. Always link it with something else and force the person who wishes to comment sympathetically on Afzal's pardon, to make a comment on pardon in general....Pope, Danish cartoonists, Rushdie..there is a long list.

chitrakut said...

Zaheera did not attach the Parliament of the republic of India

Judge Banerjee did not attach the Parliament of the republic of India.

all the fishermen who have been caught by Pakistan Navy and Bangla Desh force did not attach the Parliament of the republic of India.

BUT Afzal attacked India's parliament. Whoever is convicted of attacking India's parliament ought to be given the death sentence.

This is common sense Iamfordemocracy!!!!

Bengali Patriot said...

Maoists are roping in Muslims.

abhiha marathe said...

On a different note, here is an article in Newsweek about the power of the new media and its success in kicking old liberal biased media's rear.

I wonder when the non-pinko media in India will overcome its shacles.

Hindu Fundamentalist said...
Exclusive footage of Chinese soldiers shooting at Tibetan pilgrims