Saturday, October 28, 2006

how china bamboozled nixon and kissinger

oct 28th, 2006

the inscrutable chinese did the americans in by leading them way up the garden path. so the end of the american century can be dated to 1972, not to the end of the war of the vietnam war in 1975.

these american geniuses of the state department are the people now running rings around the UPA!

actually, it figures, because the UPA is full of people from the JNU -- the place where all of india's biggest idiots congregate.


Ghost Writer said...

The visible decline of the US empire in my view, was one year prior to 1972, when an increasingly uncompetitive US economy was forced into administering the Nixon Shock . The important point to recall in this case is that the people who first made the US uncompetetive were the highly creative, technologically capable Japanese. In that I see some hope - the fact that we (if we are allowed to by a hostile state) are creative and technologically capable - and the Chinese are not. They are robots.

Unimaginably, these idiots followed the abrogation of the Bretton Woods system with an opening to China. This are the roots of today's paper currency, tomorrow's worthless dollar problem, that was pointed out in the Spiegel article you posted yesterday. Nixon will live in infamy - not just for Watergate - but for starting "America's vs. China - The Race to the Bottom". For giving American kids bromide - while he should have been telling them to study maths and science.

san said...

You have to watch this one:

Charlie Brown turns jihadi

I laughed my sides out when I watched this.

Poor Charles Schultz must be rolling in his grave. ;)

KapiDhwaja said...

OT: At last Natwar Singh the loyal jagirdar of the Gandhi-Nehru family hits back at Sonia...
Sonia is behind my problems with ED: Natwar