Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Fwd: Tibet at Ambernath (Oct 14-15, 2006)

oct 10, 2006

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From: Friends of Tibet

Datta Mandir Brahmin Sabha in association with Friends of Tibet
(Ambernath) to organise 'Story of a Nation', an exhibition of photos on
Tibet at the Datta Mandir Brahmin Sabha Hall, Vadavali Section, Ambernath
(East), Maharashtra. This exhibition of rare historic photos from both
Tibet and in exile includes photographs of the dramatic escape of the
Dalai Lama to India from the Chinese occupied Tibet and the guard-of-honour
He received at the Palam Airport of the newly-independent India. The
two-day exhibition of photos from the Tibet Museum, Dharamshala where the
Tibetan Government in exile is situated will be on display from October
14-15, 2006 and the entrace is free.

To know more about the event, call: +91.9881262147 / +91.9322978566 /
email: friendsoftibet.ambernath@gmail.com

Friends of Tibet, PO Box: 16674, Bombay 400050, India.
Friends of Tibet is a global movement to keep alive the issue of Tibet
through direct action. Our activities are aimed at ending China's
occupation of Tibet and the suffering of the Tibetan people. Friends of
Tibet supports the continued struggle of the Tibetan people for
independence. To know more, visit: www.friendsoftibet.org


san said...

Govt in India has found a new tax scam --

Taxing ISP's for Generating Light for Data Transmission

What a scam. Why not also tax them for generating electricity for data transmission? Why not tax people for breathing by generating CO2?

Ghost Writer said...

More idiocy from an Americna observer . It seems that self-elusion is not something that Hindus alone suffer from.
It's time to realise that no amount of diplomatic chuminess would have made the "Loved Leader" give up the nuke - it being principally a Chinese gift, that was used at a time determined by China. The truth is that China has reduced the non-proliferation regime to tatters by giving it away to the Islmists - who otherwise would never have been technologically capable of it, being as they are camel-lovers.

Ghost Writer said...

A many-faceted stroy this . Look at all the possible interpretations

1- Please stop promoting manufacturing-industry over agriculture. As Arun Shourie's lecture here tells us (an I agree whole heartedly) - the age of maufacturing providing jobs is over. It is now all micron level, robot-managed. It no longer produces jobs

2- How come the Left goes against it's stated principle and starts 'subsidising' industry - and that too Private industry?

3- This piece shows what that darling-of-the-media Marxist i.e. Buddhadeb really is - nothing but a racketeer and profiteer who is ready to sell out the state to line the party's pockets (if not his own)

SO even the reformers in the Left are not reformers at all - they are merely thieves!

san said...

Ghostwriter, there is somehow something that is employing 1.2 billion Chinese, and it's not IT and call centres. It really is manufacturing.

I don't see anyone else suggesting what will provide employment for the masses. Surely one can't expect them to starve?
The fact is that service sector jobs require more skill than many have.

Indians need blue-collar mass-employment. That means manufacturing, which obviously provides more and better quality employment than agriculture. It's actually agriculture which has eliminated more jobs through automation. Have you ever seen a commercial for Archer-Daniels-Midland? Do you see wheat being harvested by people with sickles and scythes anymore? No, the hammer and the sickle are only for flags nowadays, because they've long been replaced with automation.

nizhal yoddha said...

san, sorry we have a difference of opinion on this issue of manufacturing vs. agriculture.

let me take just your points about china.

1. if china has already become the world leader in manufacturing, then why should india follow the same path? let china do all the manufacturing if they have an advantage

2. according to trade theory and the theory of comparative advantage, each entity (including country) should do what it does best. if china is good at manufacturing, india is good at agriculture. china has poor land, india has good land. therefore india should focus on agriculture and trade with china for manufactured goods, exchanging food for these.

3. in china, there are at least 200 million peasants who have been shoved off the land and are permanently unemployable. (these are the economist's numbers). they are considered a potentially huge political problem, as they are likely to cause civil war at some point. so it's not as though china's factories are employing all 1.2 billion of them: 15% of them are never going to find jobs.

4. when i talk about agriculture, i am not talking about one skinny guy with a starving bullock dragging a plow around 5 cents of land. this is passe. i am talking about value added agro-industry, packaging and processing the enormous amount of fruits and vegetables india produces. making ketchup out of tomatoes for example. processed, refrigerated foods or those with long shelf-life in vacuum sealed packages, including ready to eat meals, as another example.

if we follow china's lead, we will simply end up a) being second everywhere, as the chinese are 15 years ahead of us, as in the panicky search for oil, b) polluting our precious land irreparably, as the chinese are doing, c) fending off food insecurity, as we will be forced to buy lots of food items from outside.

the answer really is in agriculture and in husbanding our traditional IPR in agriculture. god knows with the ravages of global warming what will happen to the weather: all the more reason to depend on the collective racial wisdom of 10,000 years of agriculture in india. science simply hasn't come anywhere close to understanding all the complexities of weather, let alone agriculture. best to depend on the observed wisdom of our ancestors.

Ghost Writer said...

We need to change our perception of what agriculture means. Look at another article - by Arun Shourie again! Mass production of jobs that have the power to make more than marginal improvements to - literally millions. That is the transformational power of the farm

We must not make this an either/or choice but as a this-and-also-that approach. I think we cannot get away from certain manufacturing - defence specially. Also high-tech manufacturing. These are really 'Strategic' Areas - if we do not manufacture here, we are dead.

It all comes down to what you want your country to become - if you invest in manufacturing the after-effects will be the ones similar to what you see in the American Mid-west (specially the Ohio valley) today - run down factories and shells of machines - its a dreary sight. It is also economic investment gone bad - remember all these shells cost millions to build, and are now lying fallow. For the economy as a whole - they are Non Performing Assets. Better to go the micro-credit way with agriculture.

There is another angle to this - that of folks who say Indian manufacturing can take 'Pride' in competing with others - mostly the pride is the same as felt when ending up loosers in the race for the non-job called UN Sec Gen - these 'pride' chasers are usually folks living in air-conditioned houses worrying about how to pay the EMI's for the second car - they have nothing to do with poverty alleviation

Shahryar said...

@ghost writer:

Have you read this? Prosperity with Equity by Shripad Dabholkar.