Thursday, October 12, 2006

mohammedan wins big in youtube buyout by google

oct 12th, 2006

there is one jawed karim, now a graduate student at stanford, who was the third founder of youtube. he apparently made megabucks at paypal where he and the other founders were from, and now he's made a few hundred million dollars again. not bad at all. there was a profile of him in the nytimes.

he is from east germany where his dad, some karim, must have met his mother, who sounds like a white woman from the name.

is karim the dad an indian? he's possibly of indian origin considering the east germany connection.

i do hope karim the son uses his money for something useful, rather than giving it to some mohammedan 'charity' set up to kill non-mohammedans.


Ravi Krishna said...

Karim's dad is a bangladeshi.

I bet he is an aethist. I know one from Pakistan, whose dad was a pakistani and mom german. The son can't even spell Islam.

Ghost Writer said...

The Gujarat High Court declares the Bannerjee Committee 'illegal'

This is the same Quack Commission that said that the coach on the Sabarmati Express burned due to an 'accident'

Look at these press rats in Toilet Paper - look how they jump ship when the chips are down. After sermonising us through their paper of the 'failure of the state' for so long, after having us beleive that that everything that Bannerjee's Quack Commission said was the gospel truth - look how they disown their own responsibility by saying
In an embarrassment to the Centre, the Gujarat High Court

How utterly shameless

siva said...

As long as Hindus choose to be indifferent and blissfully ignorant and not hold these eunuch ELM slaves feet to fire these bastards will continue to get away with their bull shit anti Hindu garbage.

san said...

Well, he's much better than this
Hindu-turned-Mohammedan Plotted to Bomb Stock Exchange

Ghost Writer said...

Wonder who Gill is talking about when he says "There are, nevertheless, at least some (leaders) who are inspired by and committed to the national interest, and it can only be hoped that these few will eventually find the will, the determination and the foresight to lead the nation out of its present morass."
It's so hard to say where India really is. You get good news in the morning, bad news at lunch, worse at tea-time and by the time you are ready to sleep - you wonder how the country holds together!

Ghost Writer said...

Important update on the Gujarat High Court decision holding the UC Banerjee 'Quack Commission' illegal. It seems the matter is much worse than the secular press first anticipated. I have noted three important points below
1- Justice D N Patel held the constitution of the Banerjee committee illegal
2- He also observed that the panel's interim report was released just before the Bihar assembly polls with malafide intentions -
3- The report had said the train burning was the result of an accident, which the high court disagreed with.

PLEEEEASE JUDGE Don't say that ... If you say all these things the 'feelings' of the minority community will be hurt; as also poor begum Setalvad . A sense of Deja vu here - remember the Wadhwa Commission report about Graham Staines murder case?

THING TO DO : Reader Shahryar (the man for research and record keeping) please note: Gujarat High Court judgements are available on-line here
I have checked and the judgement is not available as yet. We must keep looking at the site. I have a feeling that the Judge used stronger words than the Rundi Press is getting away with.