Wednesday, October 04, 2006

limeys attack india on data security

oct 4th, 2006

quite entertaining, when a few months ago fidelity employees left the details of 200,000 hp employees in a laptop that was stolen from the parking lot of a chinese restaurant in palo alto, ca.

and limeys are no better either.

this bogeyman about data being much more easily sold and bought in india can be encapsulated in just two words: 'racist propaganda'.

this is exactly the same as the yankee insinuation that they are somehow more 'responsible' with nukes than indians are. yeah, right, when the yankees are the only ones to ever use nuclear weapons in anger. lot more responsible, indeed.


Cacoethes said...

Is it not possible that the "upcoming British television exposé" is a fake? It might have been produced and planted by persons or agencies interested in destroying our BPO enterprises. Such dirty tricks have been used, for example, for vilifying the Gujarat CM Modi and the BJP. Rajeev could perhaps tell us whether stealing data is that easy.

Bhuvan said...
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Bhuvan said...

Hi Rajeev...

This comment is in fact unrelated to the topic below which I have posted it, but what the heck?

I am curious to know your take on "Afzalgate"...What wrong have the non-minorities in India done? A minority can rape the cpountry by indulging in terrorist acts (in fact they have more incentive than non-minorities to sabotage India, but they can be sure they will easily be let off - even if they get caught and sentenced, they will never be made to undergo the sentence), which means any minority in the future will be "ENCOURAGED" to do the same, knowing very well that they have all these "pacifists" and "secularists" to bail them out.

Do those Arundhati Roys, communists, Ghulam Nabi Azads, Congress guys understand the gravity of ths situation? They are in fact siding with a T-E-R-R-O-R-I-S-T who indulged in an anti-national activity against India? It is the equivalent of an American pleading on behalf of a 9/11 conspirator, not because he/she is against the death penalty, but because he is a minority...

Tell me only one thing. If it is not a minority guy getting involved in anti-india activities, who else will? Surely not a majority guy. That means 100% of terrorists and anti-nationals will be let off, simply because they are from the 'minority' community. And I am saying 100%, because 100% of such people are from the minority community only.

I feel "proud" to be an Indian..what tolerance we have to crimes against ourselves..and what willingeness we have to be raped again and again...JAI HIND!!!


Ghost Writer said...

I saw this program on PBS last night - and it fully exposes Pakistan's perfidy and the peril of splintering up that the state is in

Martin Smith is generally a highly regarded journo - and this comes after Mush's "Charm Offensive" book tour. Note how most Al-Qaeda killed in Pak are not by Pak Army but by US drones and missiles.

The US public (and not Foggy Bottom) will eventually realise that the best Pakistan is a dead Pakistan - or one broken up into parts anyways. PBS may have started hammering the first nail in the coffin.

Anonymous said...
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Ghost Writer said...

Guys - sorry to ramble on over the PBS Story last night - but I am just reading the interview Smith did with Richard Armitage , who by the way is at great pains to come out on Musharraf's side ( I guess once you are at Foggy Bottom - you are innoculated against common sense). More importantly - I will reproduce a proposition Smith makes toward the end of the interview - one that Armitage does not disagree with

Smith: They've now got trouble from Bajaur all the way down to South Waziristan. ... I mean, one travels in Pakistan and realizes that there's four countries there that are sort of stitched together through Islam, and a modern secular state. ... It's a very barely viable state, it seems, at times.

Armitage: Yeah. And I've always felt, in Pakistan, there's a race against time.

Armitage seems to think that Pakistan will come around. We all know better - Where does that leave us? Is a nuclear capable rogue neighbor about to crumble soon? I feel like starting a wager on this forum on Pakistan's future life span!!

Kaunteya said...

ok that's it.. what rate is Arundati Roy available? i think she'd be a good fuck.
Anyway she's prostituting for ISI.

She's a hot leftist like that Brinda Karat. I am guessing she'll be awesome in the bed.

chitrakut said...

I think Pakistan might have a maximum of 20 years before it collapses.

virat0 said...

She's a hot leftist like that Brinda Karat. I am guessing she'll be awesome in the bed.

The obvious outrage against this supporter of murder asides, Kaunteya, I appreciate your sense of belonging. I wish these terrorist supporters stay 20 feet away from sight. Unfortunately rediff has published her photograph, to potentially prejudice people like me.

Ghost Writer said...

Yat another bleeding heart liberal speaketh - this time it is Rahul Bose opposing the Afzal Guru execution. Interesting reading this statement makes
I am against capital punishment as a way of curbing crime
So we should treat this piece of shit killer terrorist as a "Criminal" - as if he is engaged in stealing or drunk driving - what a looser this Bose is. Specially if you compare to the real Bose - the 'Tum mujhey khoon do, main tumhey azaadi doonga' Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

indusAquarius said...

Religion of love producing some more "Lovers" from the rural fold in India.

san said...

That's why Pak can never be an ally against Islamic fundamentalism -- it's their lifeblood, binding the very fabric of their patchwork state together. I too liked the PBS Frontline report, although it tries to paint Musharraf as the only available choice in the end. But we should all certainly spread that web documentary link around.

chitrakut said...

It will be a good idea to go to and put our views on the reviews section of the page listing Musharrafs book.

There are some interesting posts by some of us Indians in there

see the link below:

Amazon link

Shahryar said...

I am against capital punishment as a way of curbing crime.


It is foolish to have capital punishment for homicide due to accident, due to temporary insanity or a crime of passion where a man or a woman kills their lover/spouse since it is unlikely the perpetrator will re-offend.

However homicide due to terrorism requires that the terrorist is never able to repeat his crimes ever again and so capital punishment is necessary.

Also if the terrorists are not kept alive in custody then there would be no more repeats of Indian Airlines Flight 814.

Ghost Writer said...

Great stuff out on the web this Friday
1- Sarah Chayes on Pak & Mush - I watched this lady on CNN and she gets it right - but will Foggy Bottom listen?

2- Kanchan Gupta on hanging Afzal guru - a little syruppy on the 'True meaning of Islam' etc. but still a big slap on the face of likes of the one that KapiDhwaja calls 'Rundi Roy'

3- Claud Arpi's second warning on China - this one is a STRATEGIC DISASTER - if the Hans divert the Brahmaputra not only will the entire North East be in danger - but you can expect another several million Banglasdeshi refugees - and you know what that means. It's time to empower whatever resistance groups may be left in Tibet - bomb the train, bomb the dam etc.

4- Sandhya Jain on the Indic traditions of retirement and death - This is the most important of all. Have you noticed how the West has made retirement planning a business founded on terror? I am not kidding - you see ad's here showing indigent, old people freezing in the streets - and then they hit you with the 'low brokerage' investment options, 'low fees' old age homes etc. - contrast with Indic traditions that teach people how to overcome fear and embrace even death as a normal and natural event for every living being - sadly even here India would much rather ape the West than live up to it's own way

iamfordemocracy said...

Ghost writer, your last post about Retirement and death is apt. Hindu traditions have been great, indeed. Alas, the Hindu party isn't following them. Atal, a super-liberal poet and all that (not much different from VP singh or Nehru), 80+, ruled the country for 6 years and BJP was glad to let him rule... In fact, the people who ruled were his PA's, some commies, some others, with allegiance outside India (Brajesh Mishra's in-laws are Italians, I understand).

Look at the world. Blair, Putin, Bush...anyone of them is much younger than Atal or Advani.. The two could have retired and made themselves available for consultations handing over the reigns to the young..they didn't. My conclusion is simple, BJP talks of Hindus just for convenience and votes, in essence, they don't follow many Hindu values. Any comments?

iamfordemocracy said...

Sorry about this second immediate comment. This is more about retirement and death. In the Swiss Alps, in the old days, if the winters prolonged, and the food became scarse, the elderly just walked away into the that the younger folks could feed themselves well. In some cases, the elderly asked for them to be killed and eaten by the youngs...

The beauty of the Hindu practices was the formalisation of this survival code.

mahashivaji said...


I know that the brits weren't exactly altruistic in India, but let's be a little rational about this...WHAT HAVE INDIANS DONE FOR INDIA?

1. Voted an italian barmaid to control the country.

2. Pillaged our treasures and sold them on the black market.

3. Indian politicians have allegiances with every intel agency in the world except India's! i.e. kgb, mi5, etc etc.

4. Every time there is any development project, none of the money goes to the people who need it. It is so unbelievably sickening to see money meant for charity end up in a swiss bank account.

We are our own worst enemy. I'm afraid the brits have nothing to do with it. If we took care of our own affairs like people who deserve power and who want power, then we'd be way ahead of China, but instead we are way behind.

Ghost Writer said...

I whole-heartedly support your irritation with the Bhaajpaa elders iamfd - In Atal's case the slogan should be - A man who cannot stand up, cannot stand-up for India - seriously - he has lost all function in his knees.

The way I see it is that the Bhaajpa is headed for split soon - I think the likes of Modi (cadre leaders) will simply walk out - perhaps join hands with Uma Bharti. Advani and Atal have gone on too long. Policy by senile decay cannot be a way forward.