Wednesday, October 25, 2006

more from a scientific huckster

oct 25th, 2006

from good morning silicon valley. another blow to those with a touching faith in 'science'.

the answer is scepticism. you have to take *all* claims with a pinch of salt. in particular, claims by semitic hucksters like pat robertson, oral roberts and co., but also from all those star scientists.

Leave the gun. Take the mammoth meat. Cloning an extinct species ain't easy, so it's understandable that disgraced South Korean stem cell scientist Hwang Woo-suk went seeking help from some shady characters. On trial yesterday for allegedly accepting millions of dollars in private donations based on the outcome of his falsified research, Hwang said he used a portion of those donations to purchase a sample of mammoth tissue from the Russian mafia in the hopes that he might someday clone the extinct animal. "Some of the money was spent in contacting the Russia mafia as we tried to clone mammoths," Hwang told the court during a hearing on Tuesday . "But you can't say that (on the expense claim) so we expensed it as money for cows for experiment."

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