Friday, October 06, 2006

mohammedans are simply following the mohammedanism manual

oct 7th, 2006

i dont know why the good ram narayan finds this 'troubling'.

it seems very logical. and truthful. mohammedans are following their book -- and why is that surprising? the information here is not new -- it has been very widely publicized before, eg. by mohammedan apostates such as ali sina and ibn warraq
> Dear Friends:
> I would invite your comments on the following troubling report based on
> Pentagon briefings.
> Warm regards,
> Ram Narayanan
> Suicide bombers follow Quran,
> concludes Pentagon briefing
> Tasked with pinpointing motivation, analysts find terrorists 'rational
> actors' following 'holy book'


KK_IOP said...
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san said...

Who aren't Muslims giving a tongue-lashing to these days? Which allies aren't they alienating?

British Labour's Jack Straw Attracts Muslim Ire


Jack Straw Receives Muslim Fury

Islam is naturally good at binding together the believers, while maintaining antagonism towards non-believers. It is only a matter of time before the pushy Islamists alienate every last non-Muslim, including even their increasingly hard-pressed Atlanticist suitors.

san said...

And more tales from the Islamic manual:

British Muslim Hooligans Attack British Soldiers Returning from Afghanistan

Such a delightful community. They'll soon claim it was because they were asked to sing Vande Mataram.