Wednesday, October 04, 2006

the end of the shashi tharoor campaign for un secretary general

oct 4th, 2006

i do feel bad for shashi. poor guy, this whole thing will make it hard for him to work with the korean guy, too. but then he had to do it because this is his last chance: by the time the 'asian' chance comes up again, shashi would have retired.

however, he only had a snowflake's chance in hell of winning this time. surely the chinese would have vetoed him. or if not , despite his general fondness for 'south asia', the pakistanis would have ensured that somebody vetoed him.

in the end it turns out the yanks vetoed him. yes, the yanks, not the limeys or the chinese, the other worst rascals on the security council.


and you were saying, manmohan singh, something about a 'special relationship' india had created with the us by bending over and greasing up on the nuclear issue?

i would be ROTFL if it weren't such painful black humor. following on in nehru's footsteps, we have manmohan singh who has a rather large opinion of his skills as an international negotiator, when in fact he, and this poor country, are being taken to the cleaners. just like with nehru.

i think manmohan singh is rapidly gaining on the nehru dynasty in the race for *worst* prime minister of india. he has gujral and deve gowde beaten by a mile already, and he's going from strength to strength.

in reality, the sphinx-like narasimha rao -- a modern-day chanakya -- was the *best* prime minister we had, and the credit for the economic revival should go to him. and of course rao was rewarded for it by being given the equivalent of a beggar's funeral -- his body was shipped off to hyderabad. he had committed the unpardonable crime of not having the dynasty surname.


KapiDhwaja said...

Although I am not a fan of Shashi Tharoor, I do feel bad for him. The US doesn't like India to be in the Security Council. It now has vetoed India's bid for UN Sec Gen position. India should give the UN its "Middle Finger"(Copyright: Indra Nooyi) and pull out of it. At the very least it should stop funding and sending its soldiers to die in 'Peace-Keeping' missions around the world. Afterall what 'Peace-Keeping' do we need to do outside our borders, when we don't have peace within our borders?

KapiDhwaja said...

Rundi Roy is at it again. She wants Afzal saved. Can we hang Rundi & Afzal together?

Cacoethes said...
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nizhal yoddha said...

cacoethes, kindly edit and repost. i am deleting your post because i object strenuously to your defamation of the sai baba. this sort of calumny is not acceptable on this blog.

i have a simple maxim: any hindu leader is a priori holy and decent unless proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is not.

similarly, any christist leader is a priori a fraud and a charlatan unless proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is not. this is because of the inherent nature of that ideology, which is full of lies and deceit.

this, of course, is diametrically opposite to the standard 'secular' indian perspective, where any hindu is guilty by default, and any christist is innocent by default.

Cacoethes said...

Did you read the news UN owes India $180 million? I have reproduced the news from Hindustan Times, October 1, 2006
“[by] Rahul Singh
New Delhi, October 1, 2006
For a country that is the third largest contributor of troops to the United Nations' peacekeeping missions, the UN has run roughshod over India, holding back reimbursements running into millions of dollars.

Notwithstanding its impeccable track record in UN missions, India is struggling to recover $180.55 million from the UN, which has to compensate it for troop costs, contingent-owned equipment leases and specific services.

Concerned about the delay in the reimbursement of costs, the Ministry of Defence has asked the Permanent Mission of India in New York to take up the matter with the UN.

Army sources told the Hindustan Times that payments for contingent-owned equipment constituted bulk of the amount the UN owes India, which currently accounts for 8,797 troops serving in 10 peace missions.

There are concerns in India that inordinate delay on UN's part in clearing the dues could adversely affect the country's capacity to participate in future peacekeeping operations.

Interestingly, the amount due to India is more than the approved budget of some of the smaller peace missions like UN Interim Force in Lebanon ($ 97.58 million), UN Operation in Burundi ($ 82.39 million), UN Disengagement Observer Force in Golan Heights ($ 41.59 million) and UN Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus ($ 46.77 million).

The UN's financial crisis has been caused by the accumulation of unpaid assessments by a large number of member states, especially the US that contributes a fourth of the peacekeeping dues. Also, the world body's regular budget cash deficits have led to prolonged periods of borrowing from its peacekeeping accounts to maintain its operations. These funds are reimbursed to the peacekeeping accounts as member states pay regular budget assessments.

The UN owed over $600 million, as of June 2006, to countries contibuting troops for peace missions. Member states, legally obliged to pay their share of peacekeeping costs, owed approximately $2.66 billion in current and previous peacekeeping dues as of January 31, 2006.

The United Nations General Assembly approved $3.2 billion peacekeeping budget for the UN's 16 ongoing missions. The budget is financed through assessments of all member states, but the five permanent members of the Security Council pay a surcharge on top of their regular assessments.”

So, we are on the one hand "funding" UN, and sending our soldiers to die for UN, and on the other, we are failing to recover our dues from UN. We are letting UN "run roughshod" over us.
[The ending portion was deleted, as desired by Nizhal Yoddha]

iamfordemocracy said...

Rajeev, I agree 100% with your comments on the best PM. No doubt, Narsingh Rao was the best. There again, his death need not have been so insignificant. Who stopped BJP from making a big propaganda about it? Even now, BJP will do well to celebrate Rao's achievements. It will put both the PM and Sonia in quandary..but then..BJP is not known for any clever tricks. They merely react..And often, too late.

chandramahal said...

Had Chacha Nehru been more of a statesman and less of a mulish do-gooder, India would have been in the Security Council by now, America or no America.
He willingly wanted China to have this seat (when it was offered to India on a platter).
China (or the US of A for that matter) does not want us anywhere near the Security Council !
Now the past is only catching up on us.

chitrakut said...

"i have a simple maxim: any hindu leader is a priori holy and decent unless proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is not.

similarly, any christist leader is a priori a fraud and a charlatan unless proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is not. this is because of the inherent nature of that ideology, which is full of lies and deceit. "

I totally agree with Rajeev on this. This indeed was a very nice way to put into words.

siva said...

I donno why Rajeev bleeds for this guy Taroor. Every chance he gets he accuses Sangh Parivar as Hindu fundamentalists. He is a perfect bogeyman for the Indian commies. I don’t understand why Rajeev has a soft corner for this guy.

I do agree that Man Moron will beat Nehru for the title worst PM ever by the time he is done. My only concern is what will be shape of Indian union and its future by then.

KapiDhwaja said...

As always another good article by TVR Shenoy..
Will we drop this obsession with the UN?

san said...

I agree that PVNR was the best PM we'd had, and feel that it was that miserable Machiavelli Arjun Singh who went running to Sonia, to bring her into the fray on his side. One day, it will be Arjun Singh who is buried in a simple grave, just like his hero Aurangzeb.

Non Carborundum said...

I think Vajpayee was the best PM we have ever had although I think the best candidate for PM of all politicians in the present would be Narendra Modi.

San, please do not compare Arjun Singh to Machiavelli. Machiavelli was a devious patriot. Arjun Singh is a devious traitor.

As for Shashi Tharoor, I am glad he lost. He is just an articulate muddled up pseudo secularist.

KapiDhwaja said...

B.Raman on The Rise and Fall of Shashi Tharoor