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Wall Street Journal article: India's Terror Politics (

oct 9th, 2006

the upa has a phd in the subject of appeasing dangerous groups, in particular mohammedans.

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September 29, 2006

India's Terror Politics

by Swaminathan S. Anklesaria Aiyar (

Mr. Aiyar is a research fellow at the Cato Institute and a columnist for the Times of India.

When Islamic terrorists exploded seven bombs in Mumbai on July 11, there was widespread sympathy for India in the West. Yet that sympathy may soon turn to bewilderment -- or worse -- if Indian political parties continue wooing violent Muslim groups in order to improve their electoral prospects.

Local elections in India are often won or lost on swings of 1% or less, so parties cynically vie for every possible voting bloc, even when they're headed by those facing criminal charges. Take, for instance, the upcoming polls in India's largest state of Uttar Pradesh, where 18.5% of the population is Muslim. Among the candidates for the State Assembly in next February's elections is Abu Salem. He's currently being tried for his role in the 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts by Muslim militants that killed 257 people. Far from being shunned, Mr. Salem says he's already received private feelers of support from several local parties. One, Apna Dal, which mainly represents the north Indian laboring Kurmi caste, has even gone public in offering to make Mr. Salem its candidate. And Haji Qureshi, a state cabinet minister belonging to the mainstream Samajwadi Party, which relies heavily on Muslim support, was quick to defend Mr. Salem's eligibility on the grounds that he hasn't actually been convicted as yet.

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This article appeared in the Asian Wall Street Journal on September 28, 2006.


iamfordemocracy said...

Perceptive though you are, you have missed the catch in this article. Why does the title have to be "India's terror politics". Assuming 90% people won't read beyond the title, we can safely conclude that the reader will begin by associating India with terror. Whether Iyer has chosen that title to save his skin or job; or whether the editor has chosen that title to please some wealthy India-haters, we will not know, but it is certainly mischievous. By highlighting the title, you aren't doing any favour to India. I request you to remove it and remove this comment after that.

sand_dunes said...

i agree after all this aiyar guy is brother of Secular fundamenalist mani shankar aiyar who believes in boot polishing "the dynasty " not tht this aiyar is but he cant far from mani's views ,which is modi is root cause of terror

virat0 said...
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virat0 said...

sand_dunes, I guess that is the reason he has mentioned only Mulayam and the dravidian politics in that column, leaving out some other mafia. Anyway, it is better than secularists from JNU or brown dogs of eurobia ranting in NY Times.

BTW now there is international support from secular democtatic from canada for the terrorists.

These groups or their masters were under pressure when BJP was in power. This much have to be conceded. They changed their blatant support of terrorist groups, accepted that Pakis indulge in terrorism in driving out the Kashmiri hindus.

badmofo said...

iamfordemocracy, this is a blog and people who visit this blog I'm sure are perceptive enough to follow links, read and form their own opinions. People who don't do so cannot be impressed upon anyway.

As for Swami Aiyar, I've read quite a few of his articles and have found nothing that suggests he is the same political creature that Mani Shankar is. So let's stick to the topic and not shoot the messenger.

badmofo said...

virat0, thanks for that rediff link. It is high time people with knowledge of the legalities of this case posted rebuttals (to the insinuations of unfair trial) everywhere. I am yet to see a concerted effort in this regard (may be I haven't made enough effort in this regard). The bastards running our government won't do it, that much is clear.

The contempt these people have for India is quite clear. They won't even respect the Supreme Court's judgements. Btw, Afzal was at the Parliament to hand out roses to our MPs. Those security guards that were mowed down were killed by RSS sympathisers.