Sunday, October 08, 2006

t r jawahar on why the CRPF jawan is being dishonored in her death

oct 8th, 2006

the chatterati are having paroxysms of self-righteousness in pushing for a pardon for this class-A war criminal. i wonder what they'd have to say if their children were in the armed forces, subject to the daily threat of being turned into hamburger meat by a pakistani terrorist.

the veritable tsunami of moral relativism that has arisen among the usual suspects boils down to exactly one idea: as far as the 'secular' 'progressives' of india are concerned, the human rights of the terrorist and insurgent are far greater than the human rights of the ordinary citizen, and infinitely more precious than the human rights of the indian soldier.

this is a hallmark of a failed state.

there are two likely outcomes:

1. the army finally says it's had enough, and the travesty of democracy that exists in india comes to an end with a military coup

2. the dynasty decides "off with their heads", and suspends the constitution with a new Emergency. this time, they kill all their enemies, not just jail them

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