Friday, October 13, 2006

from the "pot calling the kettle black" department

oct 13th, 2006

this is the quality of mushy's staff. can we say, "liar, liar, pants on fire!" ? :-)

mushy has taken al-taqiyah (the art of lying for mohammedanism) to a fine art.

so has china, except it is al-china-taqiyah (the art of lying for china). comrades yechuri, karat, and karat2 (the one with the quarter-sized bindi) are also very good at this.


Cacoethes said...

"pot calling the kettle black"? Not really. The idiom presupposes there is a kettle and it is black. This is more like a robber running hard shouting "Stop Thief!" to mislead the people chasing him that he is not the thief.

Shahryar said...

Re the subject of deception, may I point out this story on the heroic General in the line of fire:Rocket attempts on Musharraf’s life stage-managed? by Amir Mir

Zafar Iqbal Jhagra, a former federal minister and the central secretary general of the Sharif-led Pakistan Muslim League said, “The recovery of live rockets from close to the ISI building was meant to convey a message to the West that on contrary to their oft-repeated allegations that the Pakistani ISI was aiding and abetting the Taliban and assisting the jehadi mafia, it was actually under threat from the same elements.”

Cacoethes said...

“Shahryar said... Re the subject of deception, may I point out this story on the heroic General in the line of fire: Rocket attempts on Musharraf’s life stage-managed?. . . ”
Musharraf also talks about several assassination attempts on him. Every one of them is doubtful. For example, the bomb will go off a few minutes after, never before, Musharraf passes through.
Similar things happen with the political leaders in J&K. A grenade will be thrown near CM's residence, when he is at a place 50 km away. A rocket fired at “him” at a meeting will miss by 300 metres ... and so on.

san said...

Read the latest ugly story about how

China Shoots Tibetans, Suppresses Witnesses

No doubt, Brinda Karat and CPI(M) will be pleased.

san said...