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Barak Missile Controversy: Is the CBI crossing the line?

oct 18th, 2006

it is a witchhunt.

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Barak Missile Controversy: Is the CBI crossing the line?

Dated 11/10/2006
The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) recently came out with revelations that there were irregularities with the Barak Missile Deal with Israel back in 2000.

While the CBI has the right to investigate corruption and kickbacks of defense deals, the comments made by the CBI to the media have been very critical of the deal itself.

The CBI press note said: Opinion of the DRDO was over-ruled by the then Defence Minister at the behest of the middleman/agent. The then Chief of the Naval Staff (CNS) also colluded with the other accused and put up a note directly to the Defence Minister to import six Barak AMD systems, misrepresenting facts and citing a DRDO concurrence given three years earlier when the indigenous Trishul system was in its initial stages of development and when in fact the CNS had discussed this matter that very day with the then DRDO chief, who had opposed the proposal.

Well the opinion of the DRDO may well have been 'over ruled' by the Defence Ministry, but since when did the DRDO have a say in Defence Deals? DRDO is a research and manufacturing organization; it is not the end all authority to finalize Indian Defence deals.

The Defence Ministry has all the right to take a decision different from what the DRDO wishes.

Shouldn't the DRDO develop platforms that are worthy of the armed forces, rather than complain when the Armed Forces seek to purchase potent systems. DRDO is for the Armed Forces, not viceversa, and the sooner the 'babus' at DRDO realize this and become a competent entity the better for us all.

The CBI press note added further: "The then Defence Minister not only approved the proposal for import of Barak AMD systems, but also tried to get the proposal approved by the Cabinet Committee on Security of the then caretaker Government despite objections by the then Defence Secretary"

That is how every single defence deal is processed. People might have differing opinions but what was described above was simply official procedure. Why is the CBI press note trying to imply the ex-Minister did anything wrong? If the CBI has information about the kickbacks and middle men, well come out with them, don't beat the drum all around the media.

And now let us put the CBI itself under the scanner. Hasn't it been forever used by politicians to play their dirty games? Anybody who knows anything about the Indian Defence sector will know how important and potent the Barak missiles have been.

Then why is the Home Minister Mr. Shivraj Patil directing the CBI to go after the ex Defence Minister Mr. George Fernandes. Is the Home Minister trying to extend his time as Minister by pleasing the Congress Chief Mrs. Sonia Gandhi by playing petty politics and trying to frame her long time rival George Fernandes?

When will our 'babus' and 'netas' stop dragging Defence and National Security into this. Such behavior is not only a disgrace but is also close to compromising National Security.

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virat0 said...

At that time, there were a lot of criticism of DRDO, including by secular people, for failure to deliver the systems within time and cost. These comments by CBI are witch hunts, but secular news papers splashed it all over. They also linked it to tehelka, which was a fictious operation to show possibility of contribution to political parties, though no one knows from where Mulayam got the huge sum of money, or from where sonia gets her money. ( She is a poor lady who doesn't own a car, but is able to own the party of oppurtinists and anglicized mafia ).