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4M Report - 08 Oct 2006

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SABHA - 4M Report

Arvind Kumar, 08 Oct 2006

Your regular dose of pseudosecularism

  1. Fate of 'peace process' has Indians worried!

    News that the execution of the convicted terrorist, Mohammed Afzal, could derail the peace process between
    India and Pakistan has every Indian worried about the 'peace process!'

Kashmir separatist leaders warned that hanging Afzal could derail the fragile peace process between India and Pakistan aimed at settling a decades-old dispute over Kashmir .

Meanwhile, Pakistan has said that it is watching the situation closely. TR Jawahar of News Today has analyzed this issue here .

News from the Marxist bastion, Jawaharlal Nehru University:

"I favour clemency to Afzal Guru and we sympathise with him", said Mona Das, president of JNUSU.


  1. The Australian explains parliamentary democracy

Gandhi to sack security minister

INDIA'S growing battle with terrorism was poised last night to hit the country's political leadership, with reports that Sonia Gandhi, the Italian-born widow who effectively runs the ruling coalition, is planning to fire the key cabinet minister in charge of national security.
. . .
The Prime Minister she installed in office two years ago when she decided she did not want the job, Manmohan Singh, is abroad in
Brazil , on his way to the Non-Aligned Summit in Havana .

Notionally, in India's Westminster-style of government, it would be Dr Singh, as Prime Minister, who would decide on ministerial portfolios. But it is Ms Gandhi, as president of Congress, who wields the whip hand.


  1. No Mathematics for Muslims!

    The National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions (NCMEI), heade by Justice M.S.A. Siddiqui, has recommended that mathematics be removed from the curriculum for Muslims.

The Commission is seriously examining the proposal to make mathematics and English optional for Muslim students and those belonging to weaker sections to check their dropout level in schools.

Click here to learn about separate quotas for Muslims in the admission process of IITs.

  1. Creationism museum puts dinosaurs in Eden

    Thanks to Eswar who first called attention to a new museum in
    Kentucky . The museum claims that the events described in the Bible are true, and exhibits of dinosaurs share the forest with Adam and Eve.

That, of course, is contradicted by science, but that's the point of the $25 million Creation Museum rising fast in rural Kentucky .

Its inspiration is the Bible - the literal interpretation that contends God created the heavens and the Earth and everything in them just a few thousand years ago.

"If the Bible is the word of God, and its history really is true, that's our presupposition or axiom, and we are starting there," museum founder Ken Ham said during recent tour of the sleek and modern facility, which is due to open next year.

William Jones and Max Muller used the Bible to formulate the theory of Aryan origin of Hindus.

  1. Communists want Indian economy liberalized for Red China

    Indian Communists, who have steadfastly opposed participation of Indians in the Indian economy, have demanded that the Indian economy be opened up for China. Member of Parliament from
    South China , Comrade Sitaram Yechury, said that "WE" want a level playing field.

The issue has assumed a new urgency ahead of Chinese President Hu Jintao's visit in November. "We want a level-playing field. The new policies of liberalisation have opened up the economy and there is declared cooperation on economic ties with China. But the ground reality is there are restrictions that were imposed in 1962. There is a mismatch between the two. That has to be corrected," said CPI(M) politburo member Sitaram Yechury, who is the party's parliamentary party leader.


  1. "Eminent historians" protest remark against Tipu Sultan

    India's "eminent historians" have protested the remarks against Tipu Sultan made by Karnataka's Minister for Higher Education, D.H. Shankaramurthy. The "historians" stated that the "integrity of history books needs to be protected against all such ignorant and partisan onslaughts."

At SABHA, we have documented Tipu Sultan's kindness in our history section. The documents describe Tipu's treatment of infidels, attacks against infidel places of worship, depopulation of large tracts of land occupied by infidels, and the special way in which he treated women.

  1. School organizes meeting with Jesus!

    A school in
    Lucknow recently organized a meeting with Lord Jesus Christ.

It's not the kind of thing that routine school assemblies witness. On Wednesday, Lucknow's prestigious Loreto Convent organised a date with Lord Jesus Christ that led to students fainting and horrified parents asking what the school up to?

The school principal, a dozen staff members and about 250 Class VIII to XII girls were privy to the 'special' occult session that had a medium 'transforming' into Christ and blessing them. A dozen students fainted and a couple needed medical attention. Most girls were either horrified or too shocked to explain the phenomenon.

Mumbai based Daily News & Analysis reports that the students were 'blessed' by Jesus and the school principal.

The students were then lined up to seek his blessings. As he rubbed a cross on their hands, the principal, Sister Monica, and Father Sebastian sprinkled holy water on them.


  1. Jamaican PM believes NAM is relevant

    Portia Simpson Miller, the Jamaican Prime Minister, believes that the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) is relevant today. In her speech at the
    Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement, she promised to strengthen the organization.

Jamaica therefore, supports the document on Methodology which this Summit will adopt and which we are confident will go a far way in strengthening the Movement.

The Nehru family believes that NAM was relevant, but here is a view from Bahamas.

Most Bahamians don't have a clue what the Non-aligned Movement is and could care less, but our government has been taking part in NAM meetings for the past two decades without bothering to tell us about it.

In all likelihood that's because the government itself could care less and was just going through the motions.

Important members of NAM include Benin, Belize, Djibouti, Seychelles, Qatar , Vanuatu , Eritrea , Afghanistan, Comoros, and Colombia.

Non-aligned members, Eritrea, Afghanistan, and Colombia are also part of USA's Coalition of the Willing.

  1. Ratzinger's comment leads to attacks on churches

    Pope Ratzinger's speech quoting a medieval ruler that all of Mohammed's new teachings were "evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached" has resulted in members of the Religion of Peace attacking places of worship of the Religion of Love.

Palestinians wielding guns and firebombs attacked five churches in the West Bank and Gaza on Saturday, following remarks by Pope Benedict that angered many Muslims.

At SABHA, we believe that non-alignment is still relevant and are aligned with neither side in the war between the Religion of Love and Religion of Peace.


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