Tuesday, October 24, 2006

uighurs, china's oppression of mohammedans, US collusion

oct 24th, 2006

the chinese have been quite beastly to the uighur mohammedans of sinkiang.

but this has not bothered:

a) the brotherhood-loving pakistanis
b) the china-loving marxists of india
c) the mohammedan-apologist 'secular progressives' of india
d) the religious-freedom-loving americans

a project in which all these villains collaborate with great gusto: keeping the lid on the uighurs. just take a look at the nytimes' list of very optimistic stories on uighurs -- yeah, because the US colludes with china to call uighurs 'terrorists' the canny chinese are going to return the favor and stop working with mohammedan terrorists to attack the US. oh yeah, and pigs will fly.

since all these people want to keep the uighurs quiet, why, that would be a great play for india to try and get them excited. give the uighurs a bunch of ak-47s helpfully stamped 'made in pakistan'. send a bunch of forged chinese money into sinkiang which paper/inks that can be traced back to pakistan.

even though the uighurs are white people (all reports from the US press emphasize that uighurs often have blue eyes and white skin) the US is not bothered about them. even though they are mohammedans, the pakistanis are not bothered about them. nor is teesta setalvad, or shabana azmi. enquiring minds want to know why.

interesting statistic: in each of the last five years, china has executed more prisoners than the *rest of the world* put together. a large fraction of these have been uighurs and tibetans. of course tibetans, being buddhists, don't matter (i have this on authority of j. nehru), but the uighurs -- i mean how can the world stand by and let the human rights of mohammedans be affected? quick, prakash karat and sitaram yechuri, put in a word with your sponsors in peking that they are making you look bad to your mohammedan voters in india.



drisyadrisya said...

On a different topic..

A K Anthony as Defence Minister.. what do u think, Rajeev ?

By the way, he was heavily criticised by the Marad panel


KapiDhwaja said...

Another good article by TVR Shenoy..
Bush vs Chavez & the lesson for India

Ghost Writer said...

@ drisyadrisya
A K Anthony as Defence Minister.. what do u think,...
Anthony is much better than the Commies that Kerala now has - and he certainly has a carefully cultivated 'Honest Man' image - but I can't help thinking- the last time we had a Keralite in the Defence Ministry - the Chinese whipped our ass! ......