Monday, October 02, 2006

yet another reason to not trust the chinese

oct 2nd, 2006

i think it's a bad idea to entrust the chinese with building indian ports. this report adds more reason. basically, chinese anywhere will spy for china, and that should be held as an axiom unless they can prove themselves innocent. so any chinese who build ports will be, as a first approximation, chinese spies.

thus i have continuously opposed the awarding of trivandrum's vizhinjam container terminal to the chinese, even though this probably means t r baalu will use it as an excuse to spike construction of the port at all, so as to protect his tamil nadu ports at colachel and tuticorin. the contract to run the vizhinjam port would have the chinese comfortably on indian soil for *35* years! long enough for sitaram and prakash to fulfill their wet dreams of chinese invasions of india. as you know, they are getting the marigolds ready, along with n ram and praful.

talk of moral dilemmas. the vizhinjam port is a very important development for my home-town of trivandrum. unfortunately if it's built by the chinese that would mean yet another nail in india's coffin, as the chinese tighten their death-grip on india.

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How America's Foes Steal Our Vital Secrets -- And How We Let It Happen (Crown Forum). Read three excerpts from the new book by The Washington Times' Bill Gertz. (Nation/Politics)


September 28, 2006

Bill Gertz, defense and national security reporter for The Washington Times, describes the threat posed by foreign agents and terrorists who exploit U.S. weaknesses in three excerpts from his new book, "Enemies: How America's Foes Steal Our Vital Secrets -- And How We Let It Happen" (Crown Forum).

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Ghost Writer said...

Chinese anywhere will spy for China
Read this story in the Spindian Express and cry!
What can you say? It's not bad enough that the Chinese are building critical infrastructures like pipelines - they will bring their own labor to do it.
What next? Should we be supplying them 'Comfort Women' to make up for the Japanese 'Rape of Nanking' -
and btw - where are the ones who were criticising privatisation of petro-refining because it is a 'strategic' industry?

Karat and Yechury are bought for two small bags of Chinese Silver - India will have only competitive advantage left - Marigold Farming!