Wednesday, October 25, 2006

antony as defence minister

oct 25th, 2006

the omens are bad.

you said it, ghostwriter.

i pointed this out in a previous column: when there are lots of malayalis in the central power broking group, disaster strikes.


krishna menon as defence minister
m o mathai as nehru's conscience keeper
k m panikkar as ambassador to china (i think)

result: the tibet debacle and the war in which india simply didnt use its air force, for reasons known only to that j. nehru


antony as defence minister
m k narayanan as national security adviser
hormis tharakan (a christist) as RAW head
tka nair as PMO secretary (i think)
vincent george as sonia's conscience keeper

result: nepal is lost; the chinese divert the brahmaputra; much of the naxalite belt declares itself as part of china; chinese take over indian ports; yechuri , n ram, and karat welcome invading chinese battleships at gateway of india with marigold garlands (the only silver lining is that within minutes of this, yechuri, n ram and karat are shot as untrustworthy traitors by the chinese).

and also (i am not making this up): vs achutanandan (kerala CM) declares his undying support for convicted terrorist madani; vs also says that all mohammedans displaced from maraad will be compensated.

what happened in maraad? mohammedans (with the apparent connivance of top indian union muslim league guys allegedly including e ahamed, minister of state for foreign affairs at the center, and kunjalikutty, former industries minister in kerala) ambushed and hacked to death 8 unarmed hindu fishermen on the beach. when the police attempted to search the mosque, mohammedan women formed a screeching cordon and beat them back. the police finally found bloodstained swords buried in the mosque. incensed at all this well-coordinated stuff with the involvement of mohammedan women, the local hindus told the mohammedans to leave.

note that there is no compensation for the massacred hindu fishermen. only for the mohammedans who left.

also note that ak antony was the CM at the time of the massacre, and a stinging judicial committee report (currently tabled in the kerala assembly) accuses him of sweeping the police report under the carpet. and also indicts the then collector, o suraj (a mohammedan), some ips guys, etc. this same report (written by a christist judge, by the way -- which makes me believe christists in kerala are quite worried about the grave threat of mohammedan terrorism, because christists never do anything without the approval of their padres) is the one that alleges involvement by the IUML.

i guess that gives ak antony all the credentials to be defence minister of india. see, he defended the mohammedan murderers. that of course is the job description of india's defence minister under the UPA or the kaangress at large.

just as pranab mukerjee declared that he's going to bring peace with pakistan. or is it 'piss'? with pranab's thick bengali accept, he most probably did say 'piss'. anybody remember neville chamberlain in 1942: "we have peace in our time" just before the germans invaded?


virat0 said...

With RAW head, defence, NSA all from apparent coteries, it appears Sonia Gandhi is doing a lot of service to the poor. Some of these christists don't have shame in exploiting the poor - Christist because, this is not a complete communist enterprise, and their activities and people have been partisan.

bodhi dharma said...

Antony is a No.1 fraud and he is also responsible for the marad along with jehadis.
now -
SC/ST reservations for converted souls!!