Tuesday, October 03, 2006

India's communists become salesmen for China

oct 3rd, 2006

from ag.

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It's all about business but comrades will take up China's problems with PM
Ananda Majumdar
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NEW DELHI, SEPTEMBER 28: The Chinese have a string of problems in
India, ranging from business visa to denial of infrastructure
contracts. Their old comrades in India are now planning to take up
these not-so-socialist issues with the Prime Minister.



san said...

OT: Is BBC Anti-Catholic?

Nah, they're simply being pro-Islamist, as usual.

san said...

So if it's Not Right to Call Islamists 'Fascists' According to the Left -- then why is it appropriate to call Hindus fascists?

Because the white Atlanticists get to decide which ethnic groups live and which die. They're the puppetmasters.

solarpetal said...

hi rajeev,
i started this blog cbcnn.blogspot.com a few months back. i am writing about how the "chennai-based chinese national newspaper" is constantly espousing chinese interests at the expense of india's. i agree that the communists are getting bolder in their designs.

chandramahal said...

It is being said that the Chinese want to push in Chinese labourers in the projects being so welcomed by local commies !
What will the Commie Labour Unions do if and when the work force in these projects turn fully chinese ?
Should be fun to watch--only the Country will be bleeding--more is the pity.

san said...

Wow, everyone really needs to watch this Latest Powerful PBS Documentary Online About Pak/ISI Relationship with Taliban

It really is a must-see. Again, it is available for online viewing at that link. PBS really hits them hard.