Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hindus Under Siege, the book is now available in India, US and UK

oct 12th, 2006

from kanchiforum. i am a great fan and admirer of the kanchi swamy ever since i interviewed him a few years ago.

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From: Venkatesh M. S.


We are a group of volunteers who are a part of a forum called Kanchiforum. Being devotees of the Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham, we sincerely beleive that, since the Kanchi Acharyas' arrest and subsequent incidents in the country, the Hindu Cause is being neglected.

We would like to seek your cooperation in promoting a book that has been released recently, and would appreciate if you could please provide some coverage on it on your blog at and in any other fora/collumns as you may deem fit.

The book has been written by Dr. Subramanian Swamy and is titled "Hindus Under Siege - The Way Out".  The inaugural function was in Delhi on 18th September in the presence of RSS Sarsanghchalak Sri K S Sudarshan, Kanchi Sankaracharya Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamiji and Sri Murli Manohar Joshi and many other distinguished guests.

For this book, Dr. Swamy had also received the blessings of Sri Bharati Tirtha MahaSwamiji of the Sri Sringeri Sharada Peetham and Sri Dayananda Saraswathi Swamiji of Arsha Gurukul Vidyalaya, PA, USA.

Some details of this book are available at . The book is available in hard cover, and is nominally priced. The book is now available for purchase in India, UK and in the USA.

We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your support to the Hindu Cause!

Thanks and best regards



iamfordemocracy said...

Who will tell that to illiterate Hindus? And when will Hindu Acharyas name and shame a political party? Also, when will the brahmin-haters realise the grave danger of courting catholics and sunnis? Make no mistake about this. Catholics and Sunnis succeed by playing to the anti-brahmin feelings that have been generated and fanned for decades.

surya said...


All the media savvy and literate Indians should see the real prupose of those "famous" sicular groups by now.

When Kanchi Acharya was arrested all these siculars wanted the law to take its own course. But when that bloody islamic terrorist Afzal is convicted by the Apex court of this country..they dont want the law to take its own course.

This should open the eyes of all those Hindus who support UPA or any other sicular party. They should come out of the "terrorists have no religion " crap. If this doesnt make all the educated Hindus shed their P-Sec beliefs...I dont think the dooms day is any far.

virat0 said...

Thanks. I would check if the book would be available in local book stores.
the hindu is being appropriated. For example we have derida's subject discussed at its most vulnerable point and explained nicely on ideas in the days of Adi Shankaracharya. The criticism is accepted even today, it is a valid criticism. But what about the alternative, can a nation trained in deridda's subject or differently in industrial logic be eligible to rescue a radically different subject or does it succumb to various apprehensions often voiced ? I don't think optimistically about the rescue, just that such thinking by this naught is useless in situations, in this perspective.

In the pristine jungles, washed by uncertanities, where huge trees of various marks were uprooted by self eating deamons, probably one heard a sound pervading :- Bhaja Govindam... Bhaja Govindam...

Non Carborundum said...

Is this fellow Subramaniam Swamy to be trusted? I heard some time back that he wants to join the BJP. If that happens, then given his track record, it would not be surprising if he succeeded in destroying it from within.

iamfordemocracy said...

Now the guys who are primarily BJP wellwishers, not Hindu wellwishers - (BJP couldn't care much if Hindus got massacred as long as BJP got the power and the votes), are saying so openly... Here we have Non Carb who is worried about BJP being destroyed by Swamy..

Seriously, Hindus should wake up and vote those who will really serve them and the cause of Peace and Justice, not those who merely talk about Hindus.

Non Carborundum said...

Ok Iamdemocracy,
Why don't you lay out your grand plans for this country once and for all?

KapiDhwaja said...

Non-Carbo, don't take that moron, IamForD seriously. He is a Kangresswala bent on irritating us here. His reasoning and logic goes something along these lines..
"Today I can't pee. Must be the BJP's fault. Therefore Hindus should not vote for the BJP..."

Ghost Writer said...

We heard this debate here and here .
I think Swamy is self serving and utterly opportunistic. Which is why it warms my heart that he is singing the Hindu tune. The logic here being - if Swamy is seeing it, could it be that the Hindu vote is consolidating?

iamfordemocracy said...

Forget the grand plan. Let us start with a simple thing. Can we get Temples released from government clutches? Stray incidences are not important, policies are. Hindus have two great things to offer to the world. 1. Educations and a strong interest in studying things. 2. Offering an individual a certain peace of mind and tranquility by encouraging him to look inward.

In today's context, both these could be mega-businesses. Unfortunately, Hindus are not being allowed to establish businesses in these areas. In India, you cannot have an educational institute without the governement meddling in everything - even down to forcing you to hire watchmen and peons based on 'political reccos'. Secondly, temples are shackled in chains.

I criticize BJP because it did nothing in these two important areas. Let us be focussed. Can we just talk about releasing temples and education from government clutches? The rest will take care of itself.

Non Carborundum said...


Things like 'releasing Temples from government clutches' or even building a few temples is not a big deal. Malintentioned individuals like the ones presently ruling us in fact do a few of these things you mentioned as diversionary tactics to provide anecdotal evidence against those who claim they are anti-Hindu. At the same time they jail the Shankaracharya and wipe out Hinduism in various parts of India through large scale migrations, conversions and ethnic cleansing.

KapiDhwaja is spot on as far your description is concerned.

Still waiting for the grand plan.....

Ghost Writer said...

Non Carborundum - I agree with much of what you have said; and possibly never disagree with KapiDhwaja.
With reference to education, freeing of temples etc. iamford has presented a correct, though confused analysis. The point with this one is Article 30 of the constitution - which I reproduce below
Right of minorities to establish and administer educational institutions. — (1) All minorities, whether based on religion or language, shall have the right to establish and administer educational institutions of their choice.
(1A) In making any law providing for the compulsory acquisition of any property of an educational institution established and administered by a minority, referred to in clause (1), the State shall ensure that the amount fixed by or determined under such law for the acquisition of such property is such as would not restrict or abrogate the right guaranteed under that clause.
(2) The State shall not, in granting aid to educational institutions, discriminate against any educational institution on the ground that it is under the management of a minority, whether based on religion or language.

This right needs to be extended to the majority i.e. Hindu institutions. The problem in India today is
1- Primary education is a shambles because it is state run
2- Vocational education is looked down upon
3- Items 1 and 2 lead to the thought that 'we should all be in IIT' even if we are unfit (as I quite frankly was). This will cause splintering of Hindu society - notice caste based reservations in IIT's etc.

If we let Hindu institutions establish educational institutions that they (and not the state) control, the following will happen

1- Primary education will improve in one generation - can you imagine the Tirupathi Thirumala Devasthanam running primary schools - imagine how well funded and organised they would be

2- It will cause inculcation of the virat-Hindu mindset instead of the nonsensical Sikularism that is put into children's brains

3- It will cause the message of dignity of labor to ACTUALLY sink in with the Indian masses - as a result you will get more first-class workers in all essential services e.g. plumbing etc.

Hindu Monster said...

Have anyone here read the book? Please read that one.